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Sustainable Farmer - Joel Salatin - Wins Heinz Award and $100,000

By Robin Shreeves | Mother Nature Network

Photo: Ellen Martin / Heinz Awards

If you’ve seen Food, Inc., then you must remember Joel Salatin, the outspoken sustainable farmer from Polyface who was featured prominently in the film. The Heinz Family Foundation has announced the recipients of this year’s Heinz Awards, and Salatin is one of ten winners of the award that for the first time focused solely on environmental achievement. His $100,000 award is for “creating alternative, environmentally friendly farming techniques.”

From the press release:

Joel Salatin, farmer, author and lecturer, is honored for creating alternative, environmentally friendly farming techniques, spawning a movement towards local, sustainable agriculture that has been replicated by family farms around the country. Mr. Salatin has developed a new paradigm for sustainable agriculture by successfully challenging the commercial production of chickens and beef by food industry giants of the 1970s. His pioneering agricultural practices inextricably and beautifully interweave a food system with the land and have been embraced by farmers throughout the country.
Salatin receives high praise from Teresa Heinz, chairman of the Heinz Family Foundation.
Joel Salatin is more than the ‘high priest of the pasture;’ he’s a brilliant farmer.  He is brilliant because he keeps it simple.  It starts with the grass and a divine rotation of cows, chickens, sheep and other farm animals taking their turn to graze.  They work in unison the way, I believe, Mother Nature intended.  The big corporate farms can no longer tell us that pollution will always come with farming.  Mr. Salatin’s work shows us that is not true because on his lands, farming is no longer part of the problem; it is part of the solution to a better environment.  For this wonderful work, it is an honor to present him with this award.

One of the reasons that Salatin impresses me so much is because he is outspoken in his belief that this world is a creation and we have a responsibility to be caretakers of it. I’m with him on that. He talks about that belief in this video.

In addition to being seen in Food, Inc., Salatin can also be seen in Fresh


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