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Raw Milk Arrives in The UK

By Dr. Tom Greenfield | Eat Right for Your Type

Breaking News:

From today, unpasteurised, raw or 'green' milk is now commercially available in the UK for the first time in a vending machine-style dispenser. The milk is being dispensed in a farmers' market in Canterbury, Kent, The Goods Shed, so called because it is housed in a disused railway shed. The milk comes from a small local herd at Badlesmere Farm, and the machine must carry the advisory notice: "Warning: This milk has not been heat treated & may therefore contain organisms harmful to health." [1]

The first customer dispensing raw milk from the dispenser in The Goods Shed, Canterbury

Pasteurised milk and milk products are generally thought to be a healthier option due to the possibility of infection, although proponents of raw milk claim that if a small dairy herd is well managed then the milk produced can be safe. The Weston A Price Foundation promotes the use of raw milk over pasteurised, although they suggest that soya milk is unsafe. [2] As a generalised dietary theory this does not take into account individual differences in requirements, metabolism and disease susceptibility, as detailed in the Blood Type Diet. Francis Pottenger MD conducted a famous series of experiments on generations of cats between 1932 and 1942, one of them focussed on the dramatic differences in health effects between raw and pasteurised milk. [3] This is often used as evidence of health benefits by proponents of raw food.

In Italy, green milk is available from similar vending machines in hundreds of farmers' markets throughout the country. The dispensers keep the milk at a suitable temperature, constantly stirring the cream into the milk, and cleaning the dispensing area. Buyers place a coin in the slot and a bottle under the spout, and the milk is dispensed at the amount requested.

Although unpasteurised cheeses are still available, the law in the UK is restrictive on the sale of green milk, generally being sold only by the producers (there are 102 registered producers in the UK in 2009):

The milk may only be sold direct to consumers by registered milk production holdings (at the farm gate or in a farmhouse catering operation) or through milk roundsmen. Sales through other outlets have been banned since 1985 (although sales by the farmer at farmers markets are allowed). [1]

Raw milk has been illegal in Scotland since 1983 following a number of milk-related illnesses and 12 potentially associated deaths.

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