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News for February 17, 2010

Lawmakers working on bill to allow the sale of raw milk

Pepin County (WQOW) - More than two dozen states allow the legal sale of raw or unpasteurized milk.  The Dairy State is not one of them.  Since 1957, Wisconsin law has required milk sold to consumers be pasteurized. 

Lawmakers are working on a bill that would change the rules and open up new opportunities for dairy farmers.  Wayne and Janet Brunner began selling raw, organic milk on their farm in the early 2000s.  At one time, they had 600 customers.

"It was real common to do 300 gallons a week there," says Wayne Brunner, Midvalleyvu Family Farm.


Kenya urged to set up milk reserve

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 17- A section of the dairy sector players are now urging the government to set up a milk reserve as one way of addressing the over production in the country.

Brookside General Manager for Milk Procurement and Extension Services John Gethi said on Wednesday that the reserve would take up the surplus milk in the market which would then be processed into long life milk and other dairy products such as cheese and ghee.

“We would like to request the government to set up a strategic reserve which would give us an instantaneous solution to the problem we are having,” he said.


Food fight: raw milk

Politics have played a big part in food production and food safety for a long, long time. 

An on-going court case in Ontario places some powerful terms in stark opposition: “experts” “safety” and “health regulations” verses “freedom” “choice” and “natural food”. 

Ideals people will stoutly defend, on both sides.



TORONTO — The buyer was willing to be discreet.

"Looking for a dairy farmer who is willing to sell me fresh raw milk," read the online ad posted by someone from Brantford, Ont. "Need about eight-10 litres a week. Realize how sensitive this subject is and am willing to keep quiet about it."

That ad from December provides a window into the small, but thriving underground raw milk market that exists in Canada.

It's not illegal to drink raw milk from a cow if you own it; but selling milk that hasn't be pasteurized is prohibited by federal and provincial regulations.


Premier defends appeal of raw milk ruling

The province is right to appeal a verdict in favour of raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt because of ongoing public health concerns, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday, while the farmer called the move another example of a government intent on interfering with personal freedoms.

"My understanding is that there's still an overwhelming consensus among medical experts that raw milk presents a real risk to public health and we feel a responsibility to take this to a higher court and give the judge there an opportunity to speak to this," McGuinty said.


Ontario farmer acquitted in raw-milk case

NEWMARKET, Ont. — Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt won his 16-year legal battle for the right to share raw milk products Thursday — and in the process won a ruling that food freedom advocates hope will help expand the ability of Canadians to eat what they want without government interference.

Minutes after being acquitted in a Newmarket, Ont., court on 19 charges relating to his distribution of raw milk and cheeses, Schmidt celebrated with a glass of his milk, telling reporters and supporters, "Trudeau said government has no business in the bedroom, and here I say the government has no business in the stomach of the people either."


Raw request: Farm asked to share information about milk sales

Pepin County dairy farmers Wayne and Janet Brunner are used to dealing with regulations.

They're particularly familiar with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

"We've been dealing with them on and off again for almost 10 years," Janet said. "We're not new to this."

The Brunners milk about 70 cows at their MidValleyVu Farm near Arkansaw in Pepin County.


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