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News for January 17, 2010

Vigorous growth at Peaceful Valley

In sour times, Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply found its sweet spot.

Buoyed by backyard farmers, the homegrown seed company in Grass Valley has flourished through the recession, with new customers across the nation. As many companies have withered in the past 24 months, Peaceful Valley has seen its business grow 30 percent.


Carthage family helping folks by doing God’s work

CARTHAGE, Mo. - A longtime Carthage couple was able to fulfill not one but two of their dreams at the tail end of 2009, opening the Wholistic Pathways Family Health Center in east Carthage while expanding the capabilities of the popular Marlee’s Creamery.


Shoppers warm up to winter farmers market

NATICK - Last Saturday morning, more than 250 people bundled up and braved the cold to obtain what most New Englanders assume cannot be acquired around here until springtime - locally grown produce and Massachusetts-caught seafood.


Buy local to preserve Vermont farms

This month marks 20 years that I’ve been working with farmers in Vermont, and it’s been an honor. This state has innovative, generous and thoughtful farmers, as well as a public affection and respect for agriculture that distinguishes us from many other places.

I’m lucky to work for University of Vermont Extension, an organization devoted to helping people better their lives with useful information. Of course, I’m well aware that I get to give agricultural advice without having to take the risks or do the hard farm work.


Consider motivation in milk debate

In the furor around Home on the Range Dairy, statements from government officials resulted in headlines such as "Raw milk hazardous to health."


Patrons to partner with farmers

HEPHERDSTOWN - Kathleen Merrigan drew applause when she told those attending the 11th annual Future Harvest conference at the National Conservation Training Center outside Shepherdstown that "Not every family needs a lawyer; not every family needs an accountant, but every family needs a farmer - do you know yours?"


Alliance for Raw Milk Launched in U.S. and Canada ally Scheduled for Date of Schmidt Verdict

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA –  In response to the increasing government offensive against raw dairy farms, U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) were launched this month. These Alliances for Raw Milk (US ARM and Canadian ARM) and Family Farm and Food Freedom plan to promote connections between natural farmers and dairies and families who want fresh, wholesome and healthy natural food choices, based on their nutritional education and food traditions.


Creating successful change

What is LEAF?

LEAF is a charity that has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable farming in the UK for over a decade.


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