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News for June 17, 2010

Heritage Foods’ Patrick Martins wants to put slaughterhouses back in the city

After founding Slow Food USA in 2000, Patrick Martins went on to cofound Heritage Foods USA, a nationwide purveyor of meat from sustainably raised, heritage-breed animals, which he continues to head. And every Sunday, he records a radio show & podcast, The Main Course, from New York City.

Knowing he's a man of strong opinions, Grist recently asked him by email for his take on some current trends in the sustainable food world.

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Banks Profit While Our Farmers Fail

Bruce Drinkman is a successful organic dairy farmer who milks 50 cows with his wife, Mari, near Glenwood City, Wisconsin.

Despite his 34 years of experience, the two-year drop in milk prices and four years of drought have meant no profits or savings. Last fall they were denied credit from their bank to purchase seeds to plant 55 acres in grains and corn this spring. To continue farming they cashed in Mari's retirement account but the farm was placed into foreclosure around Christmas. After repeated attempts to refinance the farm with other banks, farm credit services and Farm Service Agency (a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA) they were turned down by all, and did not even attempt to obtain bank credit this spring. Fortunately Bruce was able to obtain credit from a vendor to buy seed, and at the end of April he and Mari filed reorganization bankruptcy, the only means they knew to preserve their farm, home and livelihood.

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