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Organic farming is the way of life for this family

By The Times of India

AHMEDABAD: Organic farming is not an alternate profession or a hobby but it is an alternate way of life for the Patel family. The family owns one of
the few certified organic farms around the city. With over a 100 varieties of palms, 40 varieties of bouganvilla, 25 different varieties of Champa and several Agave and Cacti, besides the regular grain produce, the Sardar Patel Farm is paradise for plant lovers.

Jagruti Patel, who manages the farm along with her husband, cardiologist Dr Dinesh Patel, met a group plant lovers from the city and shared her experience on Thursday. Patel talked about organic farming and its benefits to a small gathering at Harita Kapur's studio, off CG Road.

"It is possible to have a world that is free of chemicals. At our farm, we started with growing organic products initially, but then we realised that is not all. As a farmer, one needs to be a part of not only producing but also final marketing of the product. Thus we started involving ourselves in the marketing of the produce also. Over the years we have reached to 90 products," said Patel.

She added, "Organic farming is a way of life and it has transformed us as people. Be it a hug to the tree that was not bearing fruits or music therapy to plants, we take lessons from the nature itself. Everything on the farm, be it earthworms, bugs, bees have a particular feature and we use this to help the final produce."

Also present at the talk were Meera Mehta, an NID alumnus and textile designer, who came with her recent work with Paithani saris and Asif Shaikh, who put his recent hand embroidery works on sale cum display.

There were organically grown plants and food grains on sale too at the venue, where people from the farm explained the importance of being organic and how to maintain such plants. Each guest invited for the talk was given an organically grown plant to take back home the message along.


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