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Organic farming is the way forward, says Vandana Shiva

By DNA India

Mumbai: In a direct attack on multinationals, noted environmentalist Dr Vandana Shiva blamed these companies for spreading myths about genetically modified (GM) food and said the country's corrupt system helps them.

Shiva said that it was false that genetic engineering increases the productivity. "This is not true because commercial genetic engineering currently uses two traits -- herbicide tolerance and BT toxin. Both increase the production of toxins, not of food and nutrition," said Shiva.

According to Shiva, the food industry propagating GM food is criminal and they are not concerned about the health of people. "It is high time we put our foot down and say no to GM food. People can bring about a change. It is just a matter of being determined to do so," Shiva said.

She alleged that genetic engineering companies are spreading myths about Indian agriculture and plants even through school text books. "These companies are pumping in huge money to promote their products. They are virtually buying the schools, scientists and experts to spread myths," Shiva said.The multinationals are creating food and knowledge dictatorship, which people must realise, she added.

"Organic farming and indigenous seeds is the only solution to increase food security of India. Also, organic farming can act as a catalyst in mitigating the effects of climate change and global warming," Shiva said. "Organic farming can bring down emissions by almost 40% when the world leaders are negotiating for 15% cut in emissions at Copenhagen."
Referring to the green revolution, Shiva said that faulty policies have resulted in a dangerous imbalance of crops.

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