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Raw milk warrior lands new backer

By Kevin Connor | Toronto Sun

Constitution group compares it to medical marijuana

A raw milk warrior has a new ally in his battle promoting unpasteurized milk products.

Michael Schmidt -- who is facing 20 charges of selling raw, unpasteurized milk -- now has the support of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

Schmidt marked the third anniversary of the raid on his Glencolton farm in southern Ontario by 25 ministry of natural resources officers with a press conference at Queen's Park yesterday.

"I come here every year to update MPPs," Schmidt said.

"The CCF has taken on this cause and will drive it right up to the Supreme Court if we are ruled against," he said. "I think it is 50-50 (that) the judge will rule in our favour, but all constitutional questions go to appeal."

Schmidt said in the past three years 400,000 servings of raw milk were distributed and no one became ill.

"Since the raid we have doubled our herd size and there hasn't been a single incident of illness. Dozens of people have died due to listeriosis contamination in government-approved foods in that time," he said.

Schmidt's trial ended lastFebruary but a decision will not be released until the new year.

"We have reviewed the facts with Mr. Schmidt and with many raw milk consumers who avidly desire unpasteurized milk products for health reasons," said Karen Selick, a lawyer for CCF.

"We believe that the legal prohibitions on distributing raw milk violate the constitutional rights of both groups, consumers and producers," she said.

Selick said the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms' guarantee of "life, liberty and security of the person" applies in this case, similar to the legalization of medical marijuana.

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