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The railroading of farmer Max Kane

By Rob Taylor |

This is a continuing series that intends to expose the atrocities or, unconstitutional legislation as it is known, being executed onto the small America farmer and the American consumer. On Monday December 21th, farmer Max Kane is going on trial for giving raw milk to someone. Yes giving, not selling. And for that he may go to jail.

A new video just out gives some in-site as to what went on. This video can be found at Max’s Movie.

A number of supporters will be attending and speaking at the rally burning the fires of liberty for the freedoms of small farmers and the American consumers starting at 9:30 AM. In the examiner article, I as a candidate for the US Senate am pushing for the reform of the Raw Milk legislation both from the State of Wisconsin and the USDA.

There are many benefits of raw milk, as quoted on the PPJ Gazette blog a writer begs for reform “As an American citizen, I plead with lawmakers to stop the action being taken against small family farmers, especially those who provide clean, fresh raw milk directly to those who CHOOSE to purchase it. Please support our family farmers, as well as all citizens who legally, under the US Constitution, have the right to choose farm fresh foods including raw dairy products, as a source of nutrient dense food for themselves and their families. Much of the country looks to Wisconsin as "the dairy land", please keep this moniker pure and valid by supporting instead of prosecuting the farmers and buyers who have made a thoroughly informed choice to produce and purchase fresh dairy products from the source”

This is just one of much unconstitutional legislation that is targeting our farmers. A very interesting video where Shelly Roche spells out the bills HR 2749, HR 875, HR 759 and NAIS.

My contention with all legislation is: Why is this really being pushed through? And the more research I do, I find isn’t about protecting the American consumer. In my website what you will see is about “Follow the Money.” Our representatives have been making these laws for the protection of their own pockets and that of their benefactors for a long time. And in a much discussed scenarios a well executed plan for  continuing to do so and be found in blogs like “The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense and AlterNet.

One must realize what is going on and wake up to the fact the American people are under attack. Not just by terrorist but by traitors and the very food industry that we depend on for or food and survival. We are being sold out.

We must fight back, And people like Max are on the front lines. A quote from Marti Oakley is to inform us that “.....these people aren't whiners and criers......they actually know the laws and will be looking for someone to lead the way who understands those laws and that the state constitution is the trump card regardless of the bribery that takes place”.

It has to start at the state and with the county sheriff; we must show the federal government that we will not put up their ways. Elect people who will defend the Constitution, and elect Sheriff’s that know the Constitutions of the US and Wisconsin and who will protect Americans.


I urge all of Wisconsin farmers and families to be on the lookout and to wake up. You can contact me more about the subject at Rob Taylor

Also attend the rally and let’s show our support for Max.

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