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Farmers Market full of flavor

By Staff Reports | The Sentinel

While the economy may be leaving a sour taste in the mouths of many Perry County residents, the food at the county farmers market is a different story.

Located at the old Bruce’s Furniture store in Duncannon, and open since Labor Day weekend, the Perry County Farmers Market boasts roughly 30 vendors that sell everything from flea market products to local produce and a bounty of freshly prepared Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine.

Made on-site, the daily food menu at the market includes rotisserie chicken, pork ribs, homemade subs and pizzas, salads and desserts, as well as snack items like candy, popcorn, ice cream and soft pretzels.

There are also meat vendors — sausages, cut steaks, lunch meats and cheeses — and an organic booth that sells produce, free range milk and cattle products, chicken and eggs.

“The response has been pretty good so far,” said Joe Zook, market manager of the 12,000-square-foot facility. “Everyone compliments us on how clean it is, the layout and the food. Just the whole appearance of the market, it’s got a comfy, homey feeling to it.”

Along with the rest of this story from Sentinel reporter Jason Scott, here's what else to look for in today’s print and on-line editions:

Raw milk revisited

Coming off a spate of rallies, picnics and other very visible shows of public support, Newville farmer Mark Nolt has kept a much lower profile for the past year.

According to Jean Kummer, a spokeswoman at the state Department of Agriculture, officials haven’t seized any raw milk products from Nolt’s dairy farm since their third raid there in September 2008.

Despite reports that heavy cream seized then tested positive for Camplyobacter, which can lead to bacterial infections, Kummer said the department has not received word of any illnesses related to the cream. And, she said, Nolt still doesn’t have a permit to sell raw milk.

“Basically there’s nothing new to report,” she said.

The department has a new secretary, as Gov. Ed Rendell nominated Adams County resident Russell Redding when former Secretary Dennis Wolff resigned effective Sept. 12 of this year. But Kummer said there has not been a change in the raw milk policy as a result.

As for Nolt, he has not returned The Sentinel’s calls. Jonas Stoltzfus, a Loysville resident who had previously served as Nolt’s spokesman, also had no comment.

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