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Canadian farm moves from cow share to land share


A Canadian farm which has been operating a "cow share" scheme for several years, is putting the shared ownership concept in to practice to buy more land.

Glencolton Farms, in Grey County, Ontario, is seeking financing to purchase a 200-acre parcel of land which has been under biodynamic cultivation for 27 years.

Although the land has been valued at more than $500,000, it is being made available for Glencolton Farms to purchase for $300,000. Eventually that $300,000 will be covered by the conversion of existing cow-shares to farm shares.

Under the cow-share system, members have paid $300 for a share. The concept of the cow-share was essentially fractional ownership, with the underlying idea that you'd be getting milk from your "own" cow. Cow sharing was started by members of the "raw milk" movement, who strongly disagree with having to use pasteurized dairy products, and is popular across North America.

The Glencolton cow-share is being phased out over a two-year period and in its place, a farm-share system is being introduced. Under the farm-share system, each member will pay $2,000 per share. Instead of owning part of a cow, they become part owner of the farm itself, while still being entitled to their milk supply.

The farm hopes to sell 150 shares to purchase the additional land, thereby doing business with likeminded people and avoiding banks.

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