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National Animal ID System Explained in 8 Minutes

Article from the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition

No NAIS: Leave My Chickens Behind

NAIS. Some have called it The Mark of the Beast. The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund filed an intent to sue the State of Michigan and USDA for harrassing the Amish into using NAIS. This month an Amish man in Wisconsin was in court for refusing to apply for a NAIS Premise ID number.

This is a newly released, 8-minute video on the National Animal ID System (NAIS) from Liberty Ark Coalition. This is the finest No NAIS video explanation I have seen to date and I have been tracking this issue for over 4 years. In addition, I have known of and enjoyed Dr. Michael Coffman, the producer of the video, for 10 years. He has one of the finest indepth points of view on environmental issues, property/water rights and the UN Agenda 21 I have known– with a biblical/spiritual perspective that pieces the puzzle all together.

On the steering committee for the Coalition is Karin Bergener, M.S., J.D., PMP, is an attorney and business person from Northeast Ohio. She has worked as a therapist, mediator, arbitrator, lawyer, and now information technology contract manager. She raises chickens and ducks and owns a horse.

Take the time now to view the short NAIS video from Liberty Ark Coalition. This is the video to show at your meetings throughout the U.S.



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