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New Program Connects Local Farmers with Consumers and Food Banks

Article from MPBN

A new program aimed at connecting Maine's family farms with consumers and food banks online got a boost today from Walmart.  The company announced a $125,000 grant for the "Farm Fresh 4 ME" program, which aims to help consumers find and order locally grown products online.  The program was developed by the Heart of Maine Resource Conservation and Development, a Bangor-based non-profit dedicated to improving social, economic and environmental conditions in Maine's rural counties.  

Heart of Maine Executive Director Tessa Burpee says an important part of the effort will be to establish distribution sites with local buying clubs whose members can help with donations to local food banks.  Burpee says farmers often have extra produce but no way of donating it to a food bank.  She says farmers will be able to bring excess products to the distribution sites where volunteers will collect it and bring it to local food banks.

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