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Newhart conversation in the DATCP Car on the way home from Viroqua...

By Scott & JulieTraut | Local Harvest

If I was bouncing before, I am an absolute super-ball now, bouncing off the ceiling with excitement - joy - hope - purpose -

What a great day it was, December 21 2009. The judge did not 'agree' with Max Kane, but it was obvious to everyone there - including Cheryl Daniels, Phil Ferris and Jackie Owens - and surely Rod Nuelstein, whom I'm sure got a full report on the way home. 

To totally steal from my friend David Gumpert, and actually a different conversation than I'd been thinking through since David's Sheehan conversation posting on  

This is what I would - imagine - the conversation in the car home for Cheryl, Phil & Jackie. In the style of the Bob Newhart one sided conversation.

CHERYL DANIELS: "Hello, Mr. Nuelstein. Yes, we're on our way home. I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, you called me while we were still in court.

Yes, it lasted longer than it should have.

I know. That judge gave that kook time to talk. There was a packed courtroom. He pretty much had to.

He was an idiot. Phil blew him away, yes sir, we  won.

Well yes, I think the public will probably see it not so much as a DATCP victory. Had a lot more questions to dodge again. This is getting uncomfortable.

Right sir, sorry sir, we'll keep pressing on.

Yes sir, he was there, the loudmouth. He was on full attack, and he really riled up the crowd, so did all the others. Yes sir, the press was there. A lot of them. I'm sorry sir but I think they've taken charge of the issue, we're losing control here.

Yes sir, sorry sir, you're right, we did lose control awhile ago, sir what do you want us to do? We press harder on these scum - I mean raw milkers - and they grow in number. Sir, what are we going to do when Trautman comes to trial? If there were 200 out there in the dead of cold and the holidays, what is it going to be like in May?

I'm sorry sir, but the microscope is on me, I feel like my job is on the  line if I execute any further pressure on him. I know sir, sorry sir, I understand my job is on the line if I don't shut him up, yes sir. We have a long ride ahead of us, and be sure Phil Jackie and I will come up with some new tactics, this time we'll really show those raw milkers.

I know sir, I'm sorry, I know I've said that before. I know what this is making you look like, and I'm sorry. Any word on more FDA money? We're all doing a lot of overtime here lately on this Raw Milk issue, it's already a million a month, can't you share some of that with us?

I'm sorry sir, I understand, we will, I know, once you get to Washington you won't forget us back here, thank you sir, have a good day sir, I'll hand in a full written report tomor.....sorry sir, sorry! Right meeting in the morning, right, no more writing, phone and meet, good bye, yes sir.


Wonder whether it was a quiet trip after that. Phil probably wondering how did he get tangled up with this group, my wife is going to be unhappy. "Hi honey, crushed a young man in court  today, boy am I hungry!"

Cheryl & Jackie I'm sure were what you'd expect from this week's episode of "When DATCP Attacks", sponsored by Wisconsin Milk Processors and Big Agribusiness. I'll bet Steve Ingham and his hater of a mate worked themselves into a nice froth over a sanitarily prepared dinner. (the ammoniated meat paste was on special down at the A&P, hon)

Well we ROCKED, made new friends, soaked up the incredible energy of all the people there - all the love, resolve, focus. 1000 Ticked off Mom's Brigade, ready for Legislative Action. Check! 100 crapped on Farmers, now you really got us mad. Check! Leaders in place. Check! A great day for Raw Milk in Wisconsin.

Max, I love you brother! I am going to get to know those brothers of yours that came out to support you yesterday - great men, we are twin sons of different mothers. We are going to ROCK WISCONSIN with our message of Legal Raw Milk for one and all!

Scott Trautman PROUD Dairyman of WISCONSIN, the NEXT STATE for LEGAL RAW MILK!

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