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Raw milk business controversy


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW)- The Department of Justice is representing the Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection in a food safety investigation.

The Department of Ag wants Max Kane to hand over information about his raw milk club business.

The Department of Ag. wants to know if Max Kane is distributing raw milk because it is illegal.

Monday, Wisconsin Department of Justice assistant attorney general Phillip Ferris requested Vernon County Judge require Kane to give testimony about his business.

Kane says that he shouldn't have to give details about his business because that is unconstitutional.

Kane says, "I don't have any obligation under the constitution any obligation whatsoever to participate in an investigation where I will be giving the government my own information for my prosecution."

However, the judge says Kane would have to prove beyond a reason of a doubt that providing testimony would be unconstitutional.

The judge says Kane did not and must answer questions.

 Kane says he will appeal the ruling. 

"I'm going to appeal this and we will see what the appellate court has to say and that's exactly what the judge had to say today that this court isn't the court that says whether something is constitutional or not, that's the appellate court.  So, I'm going to the appellate court and if they don't like what I have to say than we are going to the Supreme Court."

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