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News for September 22, 2010

The shocking cost of US 'mega-dairies'

‘You better get out of here or your gonna get your ass kicked or worse,’ the leathery-faced farmer slurred, picking his words carefully as we pulled up outside his milking parlour. It was coming to the end of our first day in the US, and despite our best efforts to persuade the farmers otherwise, it was clear that journalists are not welcome in this part of the world.

Far from the glittering lights and well trodden-tourist paths that people normally associate with California, the vast udders of America’s dairy industry run through the Central Valley, a rarely-visited arid plain that stretches down the state, wedged in between the Sierra foothills and the Californian coast.

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Food-Safety Bill Inches Forward but Still Faces Senate Obstacles

A long-pending bill on food safety got a nudge forward from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Tuesday, but it still seemed unlikely to get a Senate vote before the chamber's pre-election recess.

Mr. Reid "hotlined" the bill, meaning he informed senators that it is ready to go forward. A bill that is hotlined can be offered for unanimous consent, but at least one senator, Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, reiterated that he opposes the bill and won't agree to any procedural maneuvers that would accelerate a floor vote.

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Food Safety Politics in the Senate: a Look at Small Farms, Sustainable Food

For those of you who have largely missed the year-long food safety saga on Capitol Hill – and I don’t feel sorry for you – here is a quick recap, and an outline of the provisions that impact small-scale, sustainable, and organic food producers and processors.

Most everyone in food policy circles – including the food industry, public health experts, and consumer advocates – agrees that the beleaguered food safety system needs to be reformed.





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