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News for August 23, 2010

Yes to raw milk

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will hear a presentation on letting local dairymen sell raw milk products to Humboldt consumers on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Citizens are requesting Ordinance 512.4 be rescinded. Please attend this meeting to show your support.

This ordinance does not stop anyone from consuming raw milk. The Public Health Department can do nothing about it. Anyone who owns a cow or is part owner can consume the milk from that animal under a legal contractual arrangement allowed in all 50 States. The disadvantage of a cow share program is the milk isn't inspected.

Under current California law, raw milk is legal if the dairy is licensed and regularly inspected. Only two dairies meet these guidelines, Organic Pastures in Fresno and Claraville Farm in Paicines. Organic Pastures tests each batch of raw milk and no human pathogens have been found in 10 years. Claravale Dairy has been producing and selling raw milk since 1927 and not one test has shown a pathogen in 87 years.

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Egg Recall Grows to 550 Million

SAN FRANCISCO - Another Iowa farm has now issued an egg recall adding another 170 million to the first recall of 380 million eggs earlier this week.

More than 1,000 people have been sickened from salmonella in what is considered an example of the dangers of mass-food production.

Dr. Michele Jay-Russell, a food safety specialist at the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security at UC Davis, says the recall is “unprecedented”.


Video Shares Secrets To Getting A Six Pack

Many Americans today are looking to get healthier and for a lot of people the picture of fitness is having six pack abs. There are an huge number of products on the market that promise to show the user the “secret” to six pack abs, but the fact is that most of these claims are lies and many of the exercised are completely useless.

What is even worse is that all this misinformation, in many cases, stops people from the losing weight which is the whole goal of their diet. There are 3 types of food that actually stop people from losing weight. The first is milk. It may seem hard to believe, but the milk that is available in most stores has been processed so much that it can be more harmful than good. Drinking raw milk can help solve this problem, but raw milk is not available to most people without going to a lot of effort. Yogurt is one alternative to milk and although the live enzymes in yogurt a helpful for digestion most yogurts are also highly processed.


Max Kane's New YouTube - Wisconsin Farm Raids


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