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News for September 23, 2010

FDA's Food Dictatorship Hangs in the Balance As U.S. Senate Maneuvers Over S. 510

Not surprisingly, the so-called food safety legislation has been revived by dealmakers in the U.S. Senate, and its fate is likely being decided as I write this. The Obama administration, having lost in its effort to change the "Don't ask, don't tell" military policy on homosexuals, is desperate for a victory, any victory, so its allies have grasped for Senate bill 510.

Fortunately, one senator has stood up to voice the deep concerns many food producers, farmers, and consumers concerned about food freedom have about this legislation. He is Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. The fact that he is also a physician gives him added credibility.

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Farm-to-Consumer Movement Ought to be Promoted by State, Not Stifled

The farm-to-consumer movement is gaining ground in Tennessee, from the Market Square Farmers’ Market to natural food dinners to the availability of organic, drug-free beef and pork and of free-range chickens.

As the agribusiness factory farms have taken over the mass production of supermarket food, small family farms in Tennessee have been creating a niche for themselves among people who want healthy food that tastes good.

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Last Opportunity for a Better School Lunch

Time is running out for Congress to re-authorize the Child Nutrition Act by September 30. The House, unable to come to agreement on how to pay for their bill is now considering simply passing the version passed by the Senate in August, and they could do so as early as tomorrow.

The Senate bill provides less support to the Farm to School Program – just $40 million vs. the $50 million included in the House bill. The most bitter pill, however, is that the Senate bill uses cuts in food stamps to pay for the improvements to school meal programs.

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