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India: Organic farming to mitigate global warming

By The Hindu

Copenhagen in Denmark is a place of happening today where more than 195 countries have come together to discuss various steps to prevent and reduce global warming.

Micro level

While that might be happening at a macro level, thousands of miles away from India, Vanagam organic farm at Kadavalur village in Karur district, Tamil Nadu made its micro contribution towards preventing global warming by involving about 35 representatives from 15 NGOs in a day’s training programme to take the first step to bring about 1,500 acres under organic farming.

The training was organized for a group of farmers and NGO staff by Development Promotion Group (DPG), a Chennai based Non-Governmental Organisation.

Chemical dangers

Realising the dangers of chemical fertilizers on the land and the impending water short fall, farmers are now resorting to good agricultural practices.

DPG is planning this initiative as a pilot phase to motivate the farmers to go for organic farming in a big way in the coming years. The idea is to bring every year about 5,000 acres of land spread over 15 villages (11 in Tamil Nadu & 4 in Karnataka) under organic farming methods using traditional seeds and bio-fertilizers. This will be a three project initiative, as by 2012/2013, the growers will also be helped to get organic certificate for their products.


DPG expects to spend about Rs.35 lakhs under this scheme and most of this money will be utilized towards Vermi compost, Japan method compost unit, cow urine pits, Azolla cultivation and fodder resource development.

Reduce, recycle, reject

During the training Dr. Nammalvar emphasized the importance of three R’s (RRR), Reduce, Recycle & Reject. He said healthy soil brings healthy seeds, healthy seeds give healthy food and healthy food leads to a healthy life.

DPG is working in 486 villages in Tamil Nadu and has established more than 4,000 SHGs covering 65,000 poor families.

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