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Koster Sues Raw Milk Producers

By Ozarks First

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(Conway, MO) -- A Conway, Missouri couple is being sued by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, for allegedly violating the state's laws governing the sale of raw milk.

Attorney General Chris Koster Monday announced he has filed a suit again Armand and Teddi Bechard, who own Bechard Family Farm in Conway, for selling raw milk on the parking lot of a Springfield natural foods store earlier this year.

The sale was made to two undercover investigators who work for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, Koster said.

In a statement supplied by his office, Koster said; "Missouri lawmakers saw fit to require that milk sold from distribution points - such as grocery stores, convenience marts, or farmers' markets - be pasteurized," Koster said.  "The law does not prohibit Mr. and Mrs. Bechard from selling raw milk, but it does prohibit them from selling it from a parking lot."

When reached at home for comment, the Bechards decline to make a statement regarding the lawsuit, on advice of their attorney.

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