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News for March 24, 2010

Raw Milk Becomes Contentious

NEW YORK — My neighborhood weekly newspaper, The Brooklyn Paper, ran a front-page story this week about a local mother who belongs to a group so secretive that, as the article put it, “she can’t even reveal its name.”

The accompanying picture showed the woman, Hannah Springer, holding a toddler in one arm and a glass of milk in the other. She doesn’t look like a drug dealer or a counterfeit DVD merchant, and indeed she isn’t. Still, the secret organization of which she is an enthusiastic member buys and distributes a product banned for retail sale in New York — raw milk, unprocessed and unpasteurized.

The article explained that when she was expecting her now 18-month-old boy, Ms. Springer learned that she had a chronic thyroid disorder, and when she started drinking raw milk, purchased in Pennsylvania, smuggled across the border and sold at clandestine points in Brooklyn, she was cured.



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