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FDA Files Civil Lawsuit against Organic Pastures Dairy

The U.S. Department of Justice, on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration, has filed a civil lawsuit in a California federal District Court seeking an injunction against Organic Pastures  Dairy Company, LLC and Mark McAfee to prevent them from shipping colostrum in interstate commerce, and to prevent them from making claims on their website about the health benefits of their raw dairy products.  Mr. McAfee has requested representation from the Legal Defense Fund and the Fund is in the process of considering that request.  Under the applicable rules of federal Civil Procedure, Mr. McAfee and OPDC can request a waiver of the service of summons, in which case they will have 60 days to file their response to the FDA complaint.  If representation is granted the Fund will put in an appearance on behalf of Mr. McAfee and OPDC and will defend them in this action.


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