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News for August 25, 2010

Raw milk draws fans, despite being illegal to sell

Some people drive a long way for a gallon of raw milk at Wayne Craig's farm in New Holstein.

It's one of a dozen or so dairy farms in the state openly providing unpasteurized milk to the public - a practice that regulators say is illegal and unsafe because the milk can carry pathogens capable of making someone very ill or even killing them.

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Raw milk advocates, dairymen spar at supes meeting

Raw milk consumers and possible distributors touted its health benefits and a demand for the product in Humboldt County Tuesday morning, swaying some board members to look for more information.

The board voted 3-2, with 1st District Supervisor Jimmy Smith and 5th District Supervisor Jill Duffy dissenting, to direct staff to come back with a response to the information presented, with special attention to the topics of retail sale and production. The board will have to make another motion in the future if it wants to rescind the county's 1971 ordinance banning the sale of raw milk -- or milk that has not gone through the pasteurization process.

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Massachusetts Scene of a Modern Day Rebellion

On Thursday, August 12, 2010, I had the pleasure of attending the Massachusetts Teat Party, a fundraiser for the NOFA/Massachusetts Raw Milk Network. It was held at the Cook Farm in Hadley, which sells raw milk from its farm store, just a few miles away from the University of Massachusetts where NOFA was holding its summer conference.

I drove up early from New Jersey to be a speaker on Soil Fertility in Organic Farming for the NOFA conference. When I arrived I had a chance to see the dairy and take pictures of the cows as they headed back out to pasture after their evening milking. Besides shooting photos of cows, I a captured a interesting photo of a car from Massachusetts coming to the event with vanity license plates: RAWMLK. The owner of the car, Kim Hennessy, is a genuine raw milk enthusiast as were about 50 other people attending this fundraiser. It was a pleasure meeting and mixing with the crowd and hearing the personal stories of what this special food choice we share means to each of us.

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Food Recalls – Why They Could Mean The End Of Real Food As We Know It

For a long time I believed that with every food recall story in the media, we’d see more and more people start taking notice of what’s going on in the food system - that food produced in factory environments is harming our health because everything is completely backward and geared toward the reign of big food and corporate agriculture - and that sustainable agriculture would start to become the order of the day.

Food recalls are not doing the job they should – they are not waking people up fast enough. The more we continue to support big agriculture’s products by ignoring these problems, the more control will be given to entities (the government) and corporations (Big Pharma and Big Agriculture - companies like Tyson, Smithfield, Swift, and Cargill who control over 80 percent of the food sold in our country) to dictate the future of food growth, production, sales, and health (or lack thereof).

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