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Miami Woman Petitions Whole Foods To Keep Selling Raw Milk, Unpasteurized

By Jacob Katel | Miami New Times

image via striatic's flickr

Some people like raw, unpasteurized milk, but they can't afford a cow or don't have room for it in their apartment, so they buy the stuff off the shelf of Whole Foods, where it is sold under the label of a pet food.

You see, due to the risk of ecoli and other infectious buggers, it is illegal to sell raw milk in Florida for human consumption. Milk for humans must be pasteurized, a heating process that kills bacteria, so raw milkers slap a pet food label on it and get distribution that way.

Well, Whole Foods is done with it. On September 30th they will stop selling the stuff, and one Miami-Dade woman is mad as hell.

Her name is Wendy Mathias, she runs a Yahoo Newsgroup called Miami Real Food (click), and she's circulating an online petition (click) to keep raw milk on the shelves at Whole Foods.

Why drink raw milk? Wendy says "Clean, raw milk from grass-fed dairy cattle has sustained human populations for thousands of years and is a complete, balanced, and nutritious food. Raw milk contains lots of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and disease-fighting immunoglobulins, most all of which are destroyed by pasteurization."

At the time of writing, the petition has 1,365 electronic signatures. Ya hear that Whole Foods? Let the lady have her immunoglobulins, and if the Ecoli kill her, it's her own fault.

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