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Yummy Details about Wise Traditions Chicago Conference

By Kimberly Hartke | Hartke Is Online

Coffee-Marinated Bison Short Ribs
Creative Commons License photo credit:

Local Foodies Are in for a Real Treat

Executive Chef, Jack Delby
Executive Chef, Jack Delby
Amanda Love
Amanda Love

Yesterday, Cathy Raymond, Food Coordinator for the Conference told me about the food being served at this year’s conference. At my first conference, I met so many who had attended before, who told me that the meals at the conference are the highlight of the whole shebang.

It is just a few weeks away, and thought I could get you drooling, and maybe interest you in coming by spilling the beans about what’s in store!

Chef Jack Delby is right now testing recipes for the Wise Traditions 2009 conference. He is the 2009 Chef of the Year of the American Culinary Federation’s Central Region. He ranked #2 nationally. He will be handling all of the food for the conference. The ingredients are all being sourced or donated from local farms and organic suppliers.

The menu  is designed by Amanda Love of using her adaptations of recipes from Nourishing Traditions (the cookbook by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig). There will be plenty of gluten-free, casein free menu offerings included in the planning.  On our website is the entire menu. The best part is, we know the origin of everything on your plate–perfect provenance!

A Remarkable Banquet

Here is an example of one meal, the Saturday nite banquet:

Appetizers: Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon Caviar and Smoked Sockeye Salmon Slices atop Cucumber Slices

Pike Family Farm Chicken Liver Pate served with Endive topped with Diced Red Pepper and Capers

Artisan and Gluten-Free Breads

Soup: Cream of Mushroom Soup made with Coconut Milk

Entree:  US Wellness Meats Grassfed Braised Short Ribs with Wisconsin Meadows Demi Glaze

Vegetables:  Brussels Sprouts with 100% Grassfed Ghee from Pure Indian Foods, Caldwell’s Lacto-Fermented Beets

Dessert: Coconut Key Lime Pie with Josheweas Garden Macademia Nut and Pecan Crust

David E. Gumpert
David E. Gumpert

The Keynote speaker for the evening is David Gumpert, who won our Integrity in Journalism Award for his coverage of the Raw Milk issue. He will speak about his new book, The Raw Milk Revolution–Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights. Click here to visit David’s Complete Patient blog.

Attendance at the Conference

Misty Frank, Conference Manager and Registrar told me this morning that we now have 998 registered participants for the conference. Our space limit is 1300, so we still have room if you’d like to join us! We currently have 76 exhibitors, and she thinks we will have 80 by the time of the conference! She gave me some interesting statistics on how folks found out about the conference:

206 By email

191 word of mouth, referral of a friend (see if you twitter/facebook this blog post you can really make a difference!)

190 Wise Traditions Journal

79 Weston A. Price website

29 Heard about it at another conference (for instance, Dr. Mercola promoted it at his last conference, Thanks, Joe!)

10 Flyers

5 Local Weston A. Price Websites

2 Real Food Media Blogs

Last Minute PR Push

Yesterday, I sent press releases to the Chicago media. I emailed invites to the Illinois small farms listed on and to all the Slow Food Convivium Leaders in the nine surrounding states, asking them to please forward the information to their members.

Our sponsors and exhibitors are helping, by including our conference flyer in their boxes when they ship an order to a customer.

Today, I am emailing the press release and flyer to Chicago area farmers markets. If you know of any way to help me get the word out, please contact me with your suggestions!

We really, really want you with us. And, failing that, we hope you will help us spread the word. The conference is life-changing, and you can touch someone’s life in a profound way, simply by telling them about Wise Traditions 2009–Honoring the Sacred Foods.

Special Opportunity for Chicago Locals!

Misty Frank will have Free Exhibit Hall Day Passes at the Registration Desk during the conference. If you can’t attend the whole conference, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet our sponsors, exhibitors, and authors.  Friday is Sponsors Only Day, Saturday is the Exhibit Hall Marketplace when you will be able to buy lots of health promoting products, and Sunday is Author Booksigning Day.

Please facebook, stumble, tweet, twitter, retweet this article to help us get the word out about this amazing event.


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