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News for September 28, 2010

When It Comes to Debating Raw Milk Standards, the Real Issues Aren't Always Obvious

I feel a little like the delivery guy who meant to leave off some plain Chinese food at the local luncheon club meeting, but inadvertently dropped off the super-spicy version, and then quickly departed, leaving the attendees to figure out how to cool off. I posted Scott Trautman's personal account of how he's creating a new raw milk brand, and inspection standards to go with it, and then I left town.

I spent the weekend in coastal Maine, speaking at the Common Ground Country Fair (some 59,000 attendees, though not all at my talk), among a few other activities. Being so far downeast, I had only spotty access to the Internet, and each time I got onto the blog, it was as if I could hear people gasping for cold water to cool off that spicy Chinese food.

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Raw Milk: The Sexy Bad Boy of the Dairy Industry

Wanna be a rebel, on the cutting edge of a food trend with attitude?

Grab a glass of milk.

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Raw milk crusaders to defy ban

A cow-sharing co-op will serve up unpasteurized raw milk to supporters in Chilliwack Tuesday in defiance of public health officials' repeated efforts to shut them down.

They're now being led by Michael Schmidt, an Ontario dairy farmer and raw milk advocate who this year succeeded in overturning the ban on raw milk cow-shares in that province.

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Dairy farmer says food safety bill a raw deal

Doug Stephan is boiling mad over a proposed federal clampdown on raw milk.

From Eastleigh Farms in Framingham, where Stephan’s customers buy 700 gallons of unpasteurized milk each week, he’s fighting the FDA Food Safety Modernization bill, which the U.S. Senate is considering.

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Tester Amendment Protects Small Farmers in Food Safety Bill

Wright County Egg, Hillendale Farms, Kellogg's — these are just a few of the massive producers who sickened thousands of Americans this year through contaminated food. If passed, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) would take these large-scale food manufacturers to task for their irresponsible actions. But some of the bill's critics feel that the legislation would hurt one segment of the food-producing industry more than it helps — small-scale, local farmers.

Small, family farms simply lack the monetary resources and man-power to comply with new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations that would take effect if S. 510 is signed into law. While the new rules would force large-scale producers to churn out safer, healthier food, some critics think they might unintentionally make things more difficult for already-struggling small farmers.


Killing Off the Small Farm: Alex Jones Talks with Judith McGeary

An interview with with Judith McGeary, the Executive Director of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, about the government plan to replace small family farms with large corporate factory farms.

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Weston A Price Foundation Letter Regarding Organic Valley and Raw Milk

Sally Fallon, Founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation sent out a letter today about the Organic Valley decision to ban all dairies under contract from offering raw milk to consumers. They recently decided to allow their dairy members to sell only to family, friends and neighbors (I have a different definition–such that these terms mean everyone!) AND limiting this to only 1% of the volume sold to OV (as if they were a federal rulemaking agency). Sally says the OV milk products are ultrapastuerized, making their products sterile, killing the health-giving life in the organic raw milk. She suggests consumers purchase from another company.

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