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News for July 29, 2010

Latest Raw Milk Legal Follies

Okay, I never pretended to be a poet. But I was prompted to try some alliteration because of a new development in the Farm-to-Legal Defense Fund case against the U.S. Food Administration in federal court.

This case is still at such an early stage that an FDA motion to dismiss hasn't been decided, but I would venture that the judge, Mark W. Bennett, is beginning to raise his eyebrows a bit about the sanity of this world of raw milk.

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Local food trend helps more folks eat fresh fruits, veggies

When produce is this fresh, the simplest recipes are sublime, says grower Amy Hicks.

She and her husband, George Ferguson, do not need to spend much time cooking after spending 14-hour days tending their 70-acre USDA-certified organic farm in Charles City, Va.


Raw Milk The Wonder Tonic?

The debate on the sale of raw milk continues across the country. Recent raids on raw milk clubs in California and in Minnesota continue to add fuel to the fire.

Even as I write this a proposal is being considered in Wyoming to distribute raw milk.

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Gingery: No way to allow raw milk sales

The case for raw milk in Teton County seems to be one of putting the cart before the horse, at least legally.

County Attorney Keith Gingery advised members of the county board of health that they have no power to approve a raw milk pilot program, saying that the push to sell unpasteurized milk in the valley is "a few months ahead of its time."

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