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News for November 29, 2010

We Better Act Fast--The Food Terrorism and Sedition Act Comes Up Monday; New Aajonus Food Club in L.A.

I've been referring to S 510 as the so-called food safety bill. I've done that because, while some of it has to do with food safety, much more of it has to do with repression. So in looking over the comments over the last week, I was inspired to come up with a name that seems more accurate in describing the legislation: The Food Terrorism and Sedition Act.

We are great in this country at marketing, and in recent years, even totally clueless functionaries like those at the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have gotten in on the act of packaging things that are threatening to us with euphemistic names, as if they are something good for us.

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How the FDA Can Use S 510 to Close Down Raw Milk Dairies

Right now, the United States has a three tiered approach to food safety–local, state and national. However, slowly but surely, the FDA is expanding its power. More and more, states are being told what to do by the FDA and given financial incentives for carrying out its directives.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510) further nationalizes food safety regulation.

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Senate set to vote on rigorous food safety bill

The Senate is set to vote Monday night on the biggest changes to food safety laws in 70 years, handing vast new authority to the Food and Drug Administration to regulate farms and food processors.

Controversy continues to dog the legislation, which is aimed at reducing bacterial contamination in spinach, peppers, peanut butter and a raft of foods plagued in recent years by salmonella and e. coli outbreaks. It would impose rigorous new safety protocols and stronger FDA oversight, particularly over fresh produce.

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Woman Poisoned by Pesticides Speaks Out on S510

Food monopolies are poisoning our Good Earth food by over-spraying pesticides, which contaminates our food, and our bodies. Pesticides can be absorbed through the skin. Encounters with pesticides, and their effects have oversight from people in government positions who have worked for the corporate food entities. The bottom line for corporate food is profit, and the bottom line for Good Earth food is health.

The facts are all there; the Good Earth food for health has more nutrition, while the Corporate food has none, or very little…this is why the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, with the WTO, is important to the corporate food groups…in the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, which will be ratified by Congress with the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Laws (S510, HR2749), the legal standard for the amount of nutrition in foods will go down, and the legal standard for poisons in our food go up…It is that simple.

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Milking the corporate cow

A recent BDN article by Dr. Stephen Sears probably left readers wondering why it was relevant and what they should do about the deadly toxin raw milk. It might surprise the majority of Mainers that the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control have been spending lots of our tax dollars raiding small farms, sending FBI agents into stores with guns drawn, misleading consumers, shutting down family cheese artisans and issuing cease and desist orders to family farms (in Maine) that sell milk to their neighbors.

After Dr. Sears’ (Maine’s state epidemiologist) article, you’re probably breathing easy knowing these agencies are fighting such terrible threats as raw milk. Indeed, as the doctor wrote, according to the CDC, raw milk has been responsible for two deaths in the United States since 1998.

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Big Ag Launches New Marketing Campaign to Reach Women

In the passion play over the future of agriculture, I've seen one particularly anguishing battle emerge: Pollan vs. The Farmers. In this narrative, sustainable ag advocate and journalist Michael Pollan is the enemy, bent on destroying an American way of life, intent on denigrating the work of the American Farmer. "What does he know? He's not even a farmer!" It's a perfect straw man attack — if Pollan falls, then the entire movement goes with him.

Built upon a logical fallacy, this particular narrative will ultimately fail — but only if we're paying close attention. The latest chapter brings women to the forefront. A quiet article published in a couple weeks ago announced that the organizations American Agri-Women and CommonGround were launching a new campaign targeted to women, the people who make the majority of food choices for their families.


Urgent call for action, last chance to defeat S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious -- makes you so sick at heart -- that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!" - Mario Savio, December 2, 1964

Although Mario Savio's speech was about political activism and the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, it could have very well been about Senate Bill 510, the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act.

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Farmers hope to avoid raw deal

Bob and Mary Pratt have been selling eggs from their Valley Falls farm for the last quarter-century, but not once in that time have they been visited by a food-safety inspector.

The lack of oversight seems to have had little impact on their customers, who purchase as many as 200 dozen eggs a week during the peak summer months.

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I believe: 'The real value of our rural heritage cannot always be measured in dollars and cents'

I have a vision for a Vermont local-food system that is self-reliant and based on reverence for the earth.

I have a vision of a Vermont local-food system that builds living soils to nurture animals and people with wholesome products that support healthy, thriving farms and communities.

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