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Terra Madre Day: Celebrating 20 Years of Slow Food Excellence

By Sara Novak |

photo: J. Novak

Slow Food is the organization that first brought me to sustainable eating. It showed me how to enjoy the experience of eating the best in local foods. I learned that often times local foods are easier on the planet than organic if they are grown sustainably and that my diet was one of the best tools in my plight to reduce my carbon footprint. December 10 marks the first annual Terra Madre Day celebration.

On December 10 the first annual Terra Madre Day will be celebrated worldwide. The celebration will happen in 150 countries with Slow Food's 100,000 members, organized in 1,300 convivia (local chapters) and the Terra Madre network: more than 2,000 food communities, according to the press release. Terra Madre celebrations across the globe are shaping up to be quite a memorable event.

Terra Madre Celebrations
The Central Slow Food Convivium in Mukono, Uganda will celebrate food biodiversity. Many fruits and vegetables once common in Uganda have largely disappeared so the celebration will reintroduce traditional dishes and foods unique to the area. The event will also include a seed exchange in order to ensure that these crops continue to be harvested.

In Dhaka, Bangladesh 500 people are expected to rally against fast foods made with toxic ingredients. The village of Cerro Armadillo will give thanks to the planet with ritual offerings of local ingredients like coffee, vanilla, and corn. In Chile, Terra Madre Day will be celebrated with excursions to local farms throughout the nation. These are just a small sampling of all the local food fun that will be happening. Find out what the Slow Food convivium in your area has planned with the Terra Madre Day map locator.

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