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News for August 31, 2010

Dairy farm will join others in state to promote the virtues of raw milk

Eleven dairies across Massachusetts will open their milk house doors Sept. 11 and 12 for free tours and other activities planned for Raw Milk Dairy Days.

The Robinson Farm, 42 Jackson Road, is a certified organic farm and the only participating farm in Central Massachusetts.

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Raw Milk Fight Heats Up

Last week, we heard Sally Fallon Morrell speak in defense of raw, un-pasteurized milk on a local National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast.

Sally is president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which advocates for traditional diets, including raw milk and fermented foods.

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Raw milk group extends timetable to October

A 22-member raw milk working group will continue its work through October on a compromise among farming regarding the sale of non-pasteurized milk to consumers.

The group began work late in 2009 following a controversy over the sale of raw milk directly off a Loganville farm in Sauk County. Some farmers believe they should be able to sell raw milk that comes straight from the cow if consumers are willing to buy it. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) had brought the issue to court because of state licensing rules that restrict the sale of raw milk. The rules require that general sale of milk must be a grade A pasteurized product that does not pose consumer health risks such as salmonella.

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Public Interest Groups Get it Wrong on Egg Recall

It is obvious from this egg recall that neither the FDA nor the USDA has any understanding of nutrition or food safety. So they should not be telling Americans what to eat, what is nutritious, or what is safe.

The industrial farm operations with one million chickens where the contaminated eggs come from would never pass an inspection, nor should they. So the idea that any additional laws would protect the public, short of shutting these inhumane, toxic waste dumpsites down, borders on the absurd.

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Eggs Exposed to Manure, Maggots, and Rodents

Reports from the federal investigation into salmonella-tainted eggs are in, and they ain't pretty. In fact, the dirty details are almost as stomach-churning as the salmonella poisoning itself.

Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released findings from its investigation into Wright County Egg and Hillendale Farms, the two egg producers responsible for churning out salmonella-contaminated eggs that sickened nearly 1,500 people. According to the New York Times, investigators witnessed barns infested with flies, maggots, and rodents — not exactly the type of critters you want crawling all over your omelet ingredients. Investigators found pits beneath hen houses with piles of manure between four- and eight-feet high. Hens that had escaped from their cages were traipsing through the manure and running all over the barn. Wild birds also made their way into the facilities.


Egg Recall: Scrambling the Facts about Regulation

It’s rather ironic that the activists who routinely lament government’s failure to protect public health are among the most vociferous proponents of expanding government powers. This month’s massive egg recall, involving more than 500 million eggs from two Iowa farms, is but the latest example.

The recall, initiated August 13, was prompted by a dramatic spike in cases of salmonella enteritidis documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From the time the news broke, blame for the salmonella outbreak has been widely attributed to “deregulation,” with a variety of consumer groups demanding stricter government oversight of the food industry in general and shell eggs in particular.

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Friends of the Earth Urges End to 'Land Grab' for Biofuels

European Union countries must drop their biofuels targets or else risk plunging more Africans into hunger and raising carbon emissions, according to Friends of the Earth (FoE).

In a campaign launching today, the charity accuses European companies of land-grabbing throughout Africa to grow biofuel crops that directly compete with food crops. Biofuel companies counter that they consult with local governments, bring investment and jobs, and often produce fuels for the local market.

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