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News for January 4, 2011

Bring raw milk industry udderly out in the open

How strange, that as Ottawa announced last week new, large and graphic tobacco warning labels, proponents of raw milk were still fighting even to get their product on the market.

To be treated like tobacco would be a step up.

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Funding to meet requirements of food safety law yet to be found

With President Obama slated to sign historic food-safety legislation into law Tuesday, the coalition of food industry, public interest and consumer groups that used a public health message to win its passage is now making an argument for its funding.

Funding for the law, the first major overhaul of the nation's food safety system since the Great Depression, is in question as Republicans assume control of the House and pledge to shrink - not expand - the federal bureaucracy.

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Tester gets feedback from farmers about food safety, farm bill

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester had food on his mind Monday.

On the eve of President Barack Obama signing new federal food safety legislation - which Tester played a role in writing - the Democrat gathered local agriculture representatives together in Missoula to look even farther into the country's food future: to reauthorization of the farm bill.

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