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News for November 4, 2010

Michael Schmidt’s update on the rapidly unfolding Alberta front in raw milk

It seems as if several Provinces in Canada have taken on to challenge the Cow Share concept in order to prevent a repeat of what happened in Ontario.

I am in close contact with Judith the agister for the local cow share group [near Edmonton]. I am also in close contact with a wonderful lady with great organisational talent who works on behalf of the members and those who are very much concerned about food freedom.

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Food Safety on Washington’s Plate

Votes have been cast and as a mother (and wife and daughter and sister and friend and coworker), I’d like our elected leaders in Washington to make progress on issues, like spurring jobs growth, that impact families across the country.

Here’s a biggie: food. While post-election divisions mean that it will be tough to move forward on many issues, hopefully Congress can come together to improve the safety of our daily meals.

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American Farmland Trust President Jon Scholl - Let’s Focus On Our Common Agenda

According to preliminary media accounts, the mid-term elections may have broken voter turnout records. Clearly the American people are engaged in politics and are looking for leadership on the issues that are important to them. We congratulate those new members of Congress who won elections and are fortunate enough to come to Washington to represent their constituents. We look forward to our continued work with both members of Congress and the administration on issues that are on everyone’s agenda: clean water and air, healthy food and a sustainable future for America’s farms.

While the results of this election changed the make-up of Congress, what hasn’t changed is a number of serious challenges facing U.S. agriculture, from the need to address the loss of farmland, and the overall health of our working lands and water, to keeping our farms economically viable. We face all of these issues at a time when our federal budget is under considerable strain.

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Enter a drawing to win FREE Nourishing Traditions Cookbook by Sally Fallon or Fourfold Path to Healing by Dr. Thomas Cowan.

Enter a drawing to win FREE Nourishing Traditions Cookbook by Sally Fallon or Fourfold Path to Healing by Dr. Thomas Cowan.

We are giving away a total of 34 books, each valued at $25.00 during the month of November. (one per day minimum until they are all gone)

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Wisconsin Artisan and Farmstead Cheeses

When writing about European traditions in raw milk cheese several months ago, I promised a follow-up series on American raw milk cheeses. America being a young country, our cheese traditions are rather superficial, dominated by mass-produced industrial commodity cheese.

However, in recent years, America has witnessed an explosion of diverse farmstead and artisan cheeses. Inspired by old world traditions, American cheese makers and dairy farmers have added our own touch, and created a cheese renaissance that is only beginning to bear fruit.

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Raw Milk Cheese vs. Heat Treated Cheese

Before we delve into the artisan and farmstead cheese of Wisconsin, let’s first cover some basics.

The American Raw Milk Cheese Maker’s Association defines a raw milk cheese in a similar way as the European Union:

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