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News for July 5, 2010

Prince Charles to launch 19th charity- to help our troubled farmers

Prince Charles is to offer a helping hand to Britain's beleaguered farmers and rural communities with the launch of a major new charity.

The Prince's Countryside Fund - described as the Prince of Wales' brainchild - is designed to give a much-needed boost to the UK's most vulnerable farmers and small communities.

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U.S. Is Accepting Poultry Export Applications

Russia, once the largest importer of U.S. chicken, has lifted a seven-month ban on the meat, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday.

U.S. poultry processors may begin submitting new applications to export meat to Russia, the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service said. Russia blocked the meat in January by slashing the allowable amount of chlorine U.S. processors could use as a disinfectant.

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USDA Announces Tough Ground Beef Standards for Schools

The new, tougher standards for ground beef were announced by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The standards will apply to ground beef purchased by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) for Federal food and nutrition assistance programs including the National School Lunch Program.

"It is one of my highest priorities to ensure that food provided to the National School Lunch Program and other nutrition programs is as safe and nutritious as possible," Vilsack said. "The new standards guarantee our purchases are in line with major private-sector buyers of ground beef. We will continue to apply the best scientific knowledge to increase the safety across the board of our nutritional programs."

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The toxic truth about mega-farms

Aside from the times when he worried that his children might never wake up at all, Jeff Brouse remembers the worst nights as the ones when they woke up screaming. Hot nights were the most frightening.

That was when warm air would rise and the gas - hydrogen sulphide, heavier than air - would roll on down the hill to his pretty farmhouse as if heralding the arrival of some demon in a horror movie.

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River Cottage: Healthy Chicken?

Report on the alarming drop in nutritional value of factory-farmed chicken, as sold by supermarkets, in comparison to free-range. (Video)

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