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News for December 9, 2010

Confrontation Over Raw Milk in MN: The Natives Are Getting Restless; Listeria Hysteria Over Raw Milk Cheese

People are starting to get worked up about regulators taking away their food.

As you'll see on the video here, about thirty people confronted two agents from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture yesterday outside Minneapolis when the agents confiscated raw milk the people had already purchased. The agents got involved because the milk came from the farm of Michael Hartmann. who has been under a state agriculture department order restricting him from distributing milk; he has argued that since he doesn't have a dairy license, he's not under the department's jurisdiction.

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State ratchets up pressure on raw milk seller

Investigators with the state Department of Agriculture are trying to determine if the operators of a southern Minnesota dairy farm at the center of a raw milk controversy are guilty of felony criminal offenses.

The state has made repeated efforts to stop Michael and Roger Hartmann from selling unpasteurized milk in the Twin Cities and other locations, but the brothers have continued to deliver their products.


You’ll need to buy the cow, to get the milk

As the perception goes, most things are better fresh. But for many, drinking creamy, fresh milk out of a glass jar is a distant memory, or a story from parents’ or grandparents’ childhoods.

A new dairy farm in Kasilof could change that.

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The right to pour your own milk

Albertans looking to drink a glass of raw, unpasteurized milk hold empty glasses in the eyes of the law.

The pasteurization process was added to the Canadian Food and Drug Act in 1991, and detailed the prohibition of selling or buying raw milk. However, the Canadian Food and Drug Act does not say that drinking raw milk is illegal.

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “The Power of the Postive NO”

The passionate debates about lost rights, corruption, freedom, and responsibility is just that . . . a debate with few consequences and results unless, that is, one begins to understand the interesting dynamics of the human soul within these current debates.

The empowerment through position and mandate is very often mistaken as real authority. Authority in the current common understanding simply means that someone can tell you what to do. This fake authority, assumed through position or mandate, very often creates a strange dynamic where one must struggle to look behind the mask in order to find the human being. It is truly remarkable how many bureaucrats gain power through this anonymous process.

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Food Safety Bill: After Snag, Democrats Attempt To Revive Legislation

The House has passed sweeping legislation that aims to make food safer in the wake of E. coli and salmonella outbreaks in peanuts, eggs and produce.

The bill would give the government broad new powers to increase inspections of food processing facilities and force companies to recall tainted food. The House is sending the bill to the Senate as part of a giant year-end budget bill.

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