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Youth Activism - Filmmaker Rudy Craig

Watch the video by Rudy Craig

Young filmmaker and animator, Rudy Craig, co-owner of Grassway Organics Farm with his parents Wayne and Kay Craig. 

In this video, Rudy explores the underhanded use of pastoral images to pass off factory farmed food as small-farm raised free-range chickens.

Here's a video I took of Rudy, as he describes his own egg washing operations. 

I think it's crucial for us to encourage the artistic, activist talents of youth like Rudy, who's truth-telling is a welcome relief to the lies and distortions of modern day marketing.  

I also encourage us to keep our own activist activities robust and vigorous, so that we can preserve farming as an option for the next generation. With ongoing harassment of small farms, farming on the family farm is no longer an option for sons and daughters of farmers who have been regulated out of business.

One group in the United Kingdom is making big strides to support accurate labeling and humane standards of care for chickens. The Chicken Out! Campaign of the Compassion in World Farming Organization in the United Kingdom has even succeeded in lobbying the 2012 London Olympic committee, and now all eggs served at the Olympics will be sourced from free-range hens.

I imagine BigAg had egg on their face about that one!

Cathy Raymond
Fund Administrator and Fan of Filmmaker Rudy Craig


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