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1. How does the auto renew work?

To simplify and streamline the renewal process, you can choose to have auto renew.

We'll process your initial membership payment immediately with the debit/credit card or checking account information you provide. We'll send you a reminder 6 weeks before your renewal date. Unless we hear from you otherwise, an automatic deduction will be made on the 20th of the month preceding your renewal date, and your membership is continued seamlessly. You can cancel auto renew at any time.

2. How does choosing auto renew help the FTCLDF?

We all want to make sure we have the funds available for the important legal and legislative work ahead. Some may say we're building a "War Chest" - others may call it a "Treasure Chest". The bottom line is that we can spend our membership dollars for administrators to process renewals, or we can pay lawyers and lobbyist to go to work for the members.

Choosing auto renew is actually another way you can support our work. We appreciate your consideration of this option.

3. When will my auto renewal be made?

Your auto renewal will be deducted from your account on the 20th of the month preceding your membership renewal date.

4. Is there a downside to auto renew?

No, we can't think of one. Your membership will stay in effect, without concern for renewal deadlines.

5. What benefit do I get from using auto renew?

If you want to access legal advice or assistance, you'll need to have a current membership account. If we've lost contact with you because of a physical or email address change; or if you forget to make a renewal payment, then your membership will no longer be current. Using auto renew makes your membership seamless.

6. How do I cancel auto renew?

You may cancel your auto renew anytime before the 20th of the month preceding your renewal date in writing, via fax or mail.