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Dear Friend,                              August 31, 2009
Help us improve access to raw milk in Pennsylvania!  The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) is proposing revisions to its administrative regulations that implement the current milk sanitation laws.  The proposed changes include a whole section (Section F) that deals with raw milk and raw dairy products.  The deadline for written comments is September 30, 2009.  
We need everyone who cares about raw milk access in Pennsylvania to take action!  This includes both residents of Pennsylvania and the residents of neighboring states who buy their milk from Pennsylvania farmers.  Please submit comments today!
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Action #1 Send Written Comments to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA)
Send comments to:
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Food Safety
Division of Milk Sanitation
2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110-9408
Attention: Paul Hoge

You can make your comments as long or as short as you like.  Personalizing your comments helps them to have a bigger impact.  Here are some talking points to get you started:

I urge PDA to make the following changes to the proposed regulations:

� Exempt direct transactions from the producer to the consumer from the regulations
   1. Direct farm-to-consumer transactions in raw milk and other farm products have been a boon to the Pennsylvania economy.  Improving access to raw milk will improve Pennsylvania's economy!

   2. For non-Pennsylvania residents: Note that you bring money into the Pennsylvania economy by buying from Pennsylvania farmers

   3. Direct transactions between the producer and the consumer do not impact the "public's" health, safety or welfare and are purely private in nature

States that allow the unlicensed sale of raw milk direct from farmer to consumer have a good track record for food safety.

� Specify that the testing "for pathogens" should actually be testing for "pathogens that cause illness in humans"
  1. Not all "pathogens" cause illness in humans

  2. It is not reasonable to use state resources to test for things that don't cause illness in people and that therefore pose no public health threat

  3. Shutting down a farmer for something that poses no human health risk hurts the farmer, the consumers, and the local economy
ACTION #2:  Send a copy of your comments to:

Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission
333 Market Street, 14th Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101
Fax number: 717-783-2664

The Commission reviews agency regulations for statutory authority and consistency, economic and fiscal impact, and reasonableness.  So be sure to pay attention to at least one of those factors in your comments.

 You can find their contact information is posted here:
Click here for Contact Information 
If you can, follow your letter up with a phone call or even a visit to their office.
ACTION #3: Send a copy of your comments to your State Senator and Representative

You can find your legislators here:
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For More Information: