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- Why I Support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
- Elaborations on 11 Great Thoughts: #1 - Just Say No to FDA
- Pasteurized Milk Mustache
- Job Posting: Administravie Assistant for Farm-to-Consumer Foundation
- Northeast Raw Milk Symposium and the Massachusetts Teat Party
- Donate to the Annual FundRAISER

"So we can afford to hang together and not hang one by one!"
By Mark McAfee | August 2, 2010  
There is an old saying...."We must all hang together, or surely we shall hang one by one."

I choose to stand alongside my consumers and other raw milk farmers when it comes to legal protection. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund provides the legal support we need to stand together.  To stand alone is a very lonely, risky and extremely expensive endeavor

Elaborations on 11 Great Thoughts:  #1 - Just Say No to the FDA  
By Steve Bemis, Esq.| August 2, 2010 

This is the first of an occasional series (one of eleven actually) elaborating on my "11 Great Thoughts."  First posted as a comment on The Complete Patient, they were most recently.....more 

Pasteurized Milk Mustache
By Pete Kennedy, Esq.| August 2, 2010 

Most people have heard of the "Got Milk?" and milk mustache advertising campaigns that are designed to promote the sale and consumption of milk and milk products in the United States.  The advertising and promotion of dairy products is overseen by the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (National Dairy Board - NDB), an organization that is a part.....more 

Job Posting:  Administrative Assistant
Farm-to-Consumer Foundation

Our Foundation is growing and we are seeking a part time (10-15 hours per week) Administrative Assistant to assist our president and board members with their administrative needs.  This is a HOME BASED position...Visit Farm-to-Consumer Foundation for details.

Northeast Raw Milk Symposium and the Massachusetts Teat Party
Events to feature Sally Fallon Morell and Pete Kennedy
August 12, 2010 - Thursday 6:30 p.m.
August 13, 2010
- Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Join us Thursday evening for the fundraiser at the Cook Farm raw milk dairy in Hadley and enjoy a local cheese tasting, local foods and a cash ice cream bar.  Then attend the symposium Friday morning to hear about the raw milk movement's progress around the country. 
Click here for details.
The Fund has kicked off it's annual FundRAISING drive.  Fund services are in high demand these days, and the Fund relies heavily on private donations to provide farmers and consumers with access to affordable legal help.  Your donation now will keep the Fund sustainable.  Also, donors of $100 or $250 receive some great appreciation gifts. More...