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                                                    February 16, 2010 
SAVE THE DATE - 2nd Annual Raw Milk Symposium - April, 10, 2010 - Madison, WI

Invited Speakers - Sally Fallon Morell, Michael Schmidt, Mark McAfee, Ted Beals, M.D., David Gumpert, Tim Wightman, Dr. Ton Barrs, Sylvia Onusic, Fund attorney and more.
Last year, in Toronto, the inaugural International Raw Milk Symposium created awareness about the problems that lie ahead for raw milk farmers and consumers in the years to come.
The 2nd annual International Raw Milk Symposium, Saturday, April 10, 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin, will build on that foundation and focus on our need to work intelligently and to work together. We'll also celebrate our successes and gather strength from our on-going challenges.
Since the last symposium, we've witnessed Michael Schmidt's cow-share model triumph in the Canadian courts, even as the USA courts lag behind in the raw milk Dark Ages.
That very cow-share model was seeded in Wisconsin eleven years ago on my farm, after which DATCP took action against my farm. . .  but not my will to prevail, evolve, outwit and thrive.
Now, eleven years later, raw milk farmers in Wisconsin are again in turmoil. I can't help but wonder what new, inventive ideas will be inculcated in this perfect storm of DATCP aggressiveness and farmer inventiveness that we'll see harvested in the decade to come.
Fortunately, this time around, farmers have help! In this last decade we've witnessed the rise of one million angry raw milk moms & dads - passionate consumers who will sign share contracts, organize milk clubs and cow-pools, share assets, petition lawmakers and give witness in court on our behalf and in support of raw milk freedom of choice.
So, we feel the climate in Wisconsin is creating the perfect backdrop for our work at this conference. It's a perfect time for us to come together. As farmers and consumers, we know there is strength in diversity, and we recognize the fine line between diversity and divisiveness.
We are wise stewards of the earth. Now, let us be even wiser stewards of this raw milk movement and create a sustainable, inter-related, symbiotic, synergistic, diversified community of farmers, consumers and co-producers. Together we will create meaningful change and preserve freedom of choice for all.
No small thing we are doing here. Now, let's get to it. See you there!