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- Why I Support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
- Will Winter Rebuts Minnesota Star Tribune Editorial Calling for Raw Milk Ban
- Soy and Sanitation: Poor Reason to Go Vegan
- 4th Annual Farm & Food Leadership Conference - "Taking Back Control of Our Food Supply"
- Announcing...Wise Traditions Conference 2010 - "The Politics of Food"
- Donate to the Annual FundRAISER

Why I Support the FTCLDF and Its Focus on Restoring Our Constitutional Rights
By David Gumpert | July 12, 2010  
When I was in seventh grade, I had a class on American government. It could easily have turned out to be a dinky civics class, except the teacher was so talented, and passionate, about the U.S. Constitution, that I couldn't help but become completely engaged. The excitement of that class, which introduced me to the genius of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and.....more 

Will Winter Rebuts Minneapolis Star Tribune Editorial Calling for Raw Milk Ban
By Dr. William G. Winter, retired DVM | July 9, 2010 
In the wake of raids and search warrants executed against raw milk producers and consumers in Minnesota (read "Food Freedom Under Attack in Minnesota"), the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an editorial entitled, "Recklessly Ignoring Raw Milk's Danger - Ban on raw milk sales is needed to protect families".  Here is the original response from Dr. Will Winter (retired DVM).....more

Soy and Sanitation:  Poor Reason to Go Vegan
By Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D., CCN | July 8, 2010 

Fears about salmonella poisoning, listeria, swine and avian flus from animal foods are boosting the market for soy and other vegan foodstuffs and supplements. The demand is being fed by vegans, of course, but also from increasing numbers of omnivores who've been convinced that plant foods are the best way to avoid.....more 

4th Annual Farm & Food Leadership Conference
"Taking Back Control of Our Food Supply"

Mexican-American Cultural Center - Austin, TX
September 13-14, 2010 (Monday-Tuesday)


This two-day event will be packed with great speakers on critical issues facing food and agriculture.  Topics will include raw milk regulation, Codex, NAIS, food safety regulations, the next Farm Bill, water use issues, regulation of slaughterhouses, Slow Money, and more!  There will also be workshops to help you become a more effective activist, including how to lobby and how to develop an effective message.  Jim Hightower will provide the keynote address, and the lunches will be prepared using delicious local foods.   Visit Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance for details.


Announcing....Wise Traditions Conference 2010 - "The Politics of Food" 
Valley Forge Convention Plaza - King of Prussia, PA (near Philadelphia)
November 12-14, 2010
Start making plans to attend the Eleventh International Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a unique opportunity for health professionals and laymen interested in diet and health.  Partake of cutting-edge information on a wide range of nutritional topics and dine on delicious traditional food.   Visit Weston A. Price Foundation for details.
The Fund has kicked off it's annual FundRAISING drive. Fund services are in high demand these days, and the Fund relies heavily on private donations to provide farmers and consumers with access to affordable legal help. Your donation now will keep the Fund sustainable. Also, donors of $100 or $250 receive some great appreciation gifts. More...