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- Raw Milk in MA: Can Regulators Be Deterred from Their Crackdown?
- Minnesota: Hartman Farm Press Release
- Feed Thy Farmer
- Nanny of The Month, May 2010
- FDA Shows It's True Colors
- Cow-Share College & Goat-Share University
Raw Milk in MA: Can Regulators Be Deterred From Their Crackdown?  

By David Gumpert | May 31, 2010   
One of the few bright spots in the national struggle over raw milk during the last four
years has been Massachusetts. Until the first of this year....more

Minnesota: Hartmann Farm Press Release
By Gary K Wood | May 29, 2010 
The Minnesota Departments of Health and Agriculture along with the media have all blamed raw milk from the Hartmann Dairy for being responsible for several cases of foodborne illness without producing any evidence...more 

Feed Thy Farmer
By Tim Wightman| May 30, 2010   
This Memorial Day weekend has prompted me to reflect.  The passion that has filled all my waking hours these fifteen years, the "other woman" in my life....more
_____________________________________________________________________ - Nanny of the Month May 2010
There can be only one Nanny of the Month and this time it goes to the federal lawyer who wants to give raw milk drinkers a raw deal...more videoImage
FDA Shows Its True Colors 
By Gene' Walls | May 30, 2010
Confirming what we have long suspected: Health and Human Services and its agency, the FDA, have no regard for our rights...more
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