Dear Friend,
Just like many farmers, the Fund got off to a good start based on the support and encouragement of Sally Fallon Morell and the members of the Weston A. Price Foundation. In appreciation for their kindness and in recognition of a great opportunity for Midwestern farmers, I'm writing to encourage you to exhibit, donate and participate in this first ever Weston A. Price Foundation annual conference in the Midwest, November 13 - 16, 2009 in Schaumburg, Illinois, outside of Chicago. Read about the conference here

The Fund teamed up with WAPF to create three unique educational tracks which benefit farmers in particular. In addition to the excellent nutritional sessions, our custom tracks will feature lectures on transitioning to grass-fed livestock, artisanal animal husbandry, and opening new direct-to-consumer distribution channels. Read more here

Consider providing a food donation or barter to introduce the 1,200 participants to your farm's food. If you have more food than cash this year, you can also barter for registrations, advertisements or exhibit space. Read more about donations and barters here  and see the menus here  

This is the best farmer's market ever - like fishing in a stocked pond! You won't find a more appreciative or loyal group than the WAPF members. Farmers can exhibit either Saturday for $350 or Sat/Sun for $500.  The exhibitor badge will admit you to the lectures on the days of the exhibit at no extra charge. You can add additional staff and meals for extra.

To donate or barter contact Cathy Raymond (703) 499-5511 [email protected] or to exhibit contact Paul Frank (304) 724-3004 [email protected]

I hope you will stop by to see me at the Fund exhibit so we can talk about national legislation affecting farmers and how the Fund can best help you expand your direct sales and prosper.
With Regards, 
Pete Kennedy, Esq
President, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund