This Week's Features
- S510 Revised: FDA Coming to a Farm Near You
- FTCLDF Case Update
- Elaborations on 11 Great Thoughts: #2 - Just Label It
- Food, Farming and Freedom of Choice - "Milk War" premiers Sep 26
- Cow-Share College & Goat Share University Teleseminar Series - October
- 2010 FundRAISER Appeal Success

S510 Revised: FDA Coming to a Farm Near You
Pete Kennedy, Esq. | September 23, 2010 

More than ever S510 represents a major threat to the local food movement, states' autonomy to regulate food, and the country's ability to become self-sufficient in food production.

On August 12 the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee released the manager's package for S510, a revised version of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act" that is 77 pagers longer than...more

FTCLDF Case Update
By D. Gary Cox, Esq. | September 22, 2010 

Here is a review of some of the cases currently handled by the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fun (FTCLDF) starting with the lawsuit against FDA....more 

Elaborations on 11 Great Thoughts:
#2 - Just Label It
By Steve Bemis, Esq. | September 22, 2010 

This is the second of eleven in a series elaborating on my "11 Great Thoughts". First posted as a comment on The Complete Patient, they were most recently...more

Food, Farming and Freedom of Choice
at 8pm & 11pm ET
David Todd | September 8, 2010

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt found himself facing multiple charges. The offence: selling unpasteurized milk, a practice outlawed in Canada since 1991. Milk War tells the story of one man's battle with government authorities over raw milk - a fight that Schmidt insists is really about the fundamental right "to eat what we want."  More....
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2010 FundRAISER Appeal Success
Cathy Raymond | September 13


The 2010 Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense FundRAISER Appeal was extremely successful this year! The Fund Board thanks all the donors, new and renewing members who participated to create a more sustainable Fund, or "war chest" as Joel Salatin calls it...more