Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
For Farmers and Consumers Defending the Right to Buy and Protecting the
Right to Sell Nutritious Food Directly from the Farm

The Fund will lobby at the federal and, particularly, at the state level to work toward the passage of laws favorable to grass-based and non-toxic farming. Goals of the Fund, whether achieved through the legislative, administrative or judicial process, include:

1. Defeating any attempt to implement the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), and working to ensure that there be no premise registration whether voluntary or mandatory;

2. Opposing any efforts to further centralize control of the food supply;

3. Opposing any efforts of industrial agriculture to interfere with the livelihood of grass-based farmers;

4. Defeating any attempt by the dairy cooperative system to stop co-op members from marketing their products direct to the consumer;

5. Opposing any attempt to further monopolize the seed supply through patenting traditional, hybrid and GMO seeds as well buying up traditional seed supplies;

6. Opposing any harmonization of federal and state health laws that adversely impact consumer access to the products of qualifying farms;

7. Overturning any state law banning cow share or herd share agreements;

8. Supporting the legalization of raw milk and raw milk products in all states where their sale is currently illegal;

9. Overturning the federal regulation banning the interstate shipment of raw milk for human consumption;

10. Permitting the sale of meat from animals slaughtered at custom slaughtering houses; and legalizing the on-farm slaughtering of animals; and

11. Opposing any laws that prohibit the on-farm processing and direct sale of prepared food products, including but not limited to bread and other baked goods, prepared foods and lacto-fermented foods and beverages.

The Fund seeks to network with like-minded groups in promoting and defending grass-based and non-toxic farming. It seeks to change a system where, under the guise of protecting the public health, state and federal laws hinder the ability of the small farmer to provide healthy food directly to the consumer. It seeks to prevent industrial agriculture from eliminating the small farmer and to restore non-toxic grass-based farms producing life-giving foods to the prominence they once held in American society.