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Notice of Intent to Sue – Press Release, May 14, 2008
Notice of Intent to Sue - Excerpts
Notice of Intent to Sue
Notice of Intent to Sue – Executive Summary

Notice of Intent to Sue – Table of Exhibits
Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Exhibit D Exhibit E
Exhibit F Exhibit G Exhibit H Exhibit I Exhibit J
Exhibit K Exhibit L Exhibit M Exhibit N Exhibit O
Exhibit P Exhibit Q Exhibit R Exhibit S Exhibit T
Exhibit U        


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Donate to the Fund, to defray the costs of legal, legislative and lobby actions: Donate online or download the Donation Form.

In making your donation it may be helpful to consider.

Donations to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund ARE NOT tax deductible, because the primary mission of the Fund is to effect change in legal, lobby and legislative arenas. The donations received are 100% usable by the Fund for the primary mission.

Donations to the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation ARE tax deductible, because the primary mission of the Foundation is to educate and provide memberships to those in need. The Foundation is restricted in the support it can provide the Fund.  The Foundation has established special pages for contribution for the legal expenses in specific cases, such as the case to stop NAIS and the AB1735 lawsuit.

If you want to donate to the Foundation, go to click here.