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State Legislation
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Legislation – New Jersey

Status Quo:   Raw milk sales are illegal. To obtain other unpasteurized dairy products, residents travel to Pennsylvania and New York, which both allow raw milk. (from

New Jersey Raw Milk Bill A743 - Hearing Feb. 10, 2011

NJ Raw Milk Bill A743 needs your help to get out of committee.  Please voice your support of raw milk.  We need new faces at the meeting in Trenton!

     Thursday, February 10 at 2 pm
     4th floor, Room 15
     State House Annex, Trenton NJ 08625
directly across the street from 162 W State St  

NJ State Assembly Committee for Agriculture and Natural Resources will receive testimony on issues concerning dairy farmers in New Jersey. [details below]   

We anticipate that some dairy farmers will testify against raw milk at this meeting, so a strong show of support is important. The sale of raw milk in New Jersey is currently illegal; the bill establishes a permit program to allow sales of raw milk and other raw milk products direct to consumers and in retail stores as well as NOT prohibit cowshares. 

Also, please continue to email your testimonies, as raw milk drinkers, as consumers, as farmers, as health professionals, to Assemblywoman Connie Wagner, sponsor of this raw milk bill, so she can give your testimony to the committee.  [email protected]

The committee loves to hear stories from people who are using raw milk, from parents who give it to their families, about children whose health has improved due to raw milk.


1. Call members of the Committee (see listed below). Let them know why you are in favor of raw milk.

2. Email your testimonial on raw milk to bill sponsor Assembywoman Connie Wagner at [email protected]  

3. Attend the Hearing on Thursday at 2 pm in Trenton.

4. Send comments  by email to Committee Aide Lucinda Tiajoloff at [email protected]

5. Follow the bill's progress at the Garden State Raw Milk website,  

NJ Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee or contact Committee Aide Lucinda Tiajoloff at 609-292-7676 or email [email protected] 

Nelson T. Albano (D), Chair
(609) 465-0700 (Cape May Court House)
(856) 765-0891 (Millville)
(856) 696-7109 (Vineland)
(609) 926-3779 (Somers Point)

Celeste M. Riley (D), Vice-Chair
(856) 455-1011 (Bridgeton)
(856) 251-9801 (West Deptford)
(856) 339-0808 (Salem)

John F. Amodeo (R)
(609) 677-8266 (Northfield)

Ronald S. Dancer (R)
(732) 901-0702 (Jackson)

Gilbert L.Wilson (D)
(856) 547-4800 (Audubon)
(856) 541-1251 (Camden)
(856) 853-2960 (Woodbury)

New Jersey Legislature - ;
Garden State Raw Milk - 
Garden State Raw Milk on Facebook  
Click here to download the bill  


Updates:  NJ Assembly Agriculture Committee Discuss Possible Raw Milk Sales


Legislative Bill - A621 Permits sale of raw milk under certain conditions and establishes raw milk permit program.

Track The Bill's Progress:

Action Alert:

Posted by Garden State Raw Milk

The first hearing of our bill is scheduled for Monday, May 11th.

The Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will hold the hearing on Monday May 11, 2009 @2pm in Committee Room 8, 3rd floor, State House Annex, Trenton New Jersey.

The committee will receive comments and testimony from invited guests concerning the sale of raw milk. Come join us in Trenton!

Email or call the 5 Agricutural and Natural Resource Committee members and tell them why you support this bill.

The public may also address comments and questions to 

Lucinda Tiajoloff, Committee Aide at 609-292-7676, fax 609-292-0561, or e-mail: [email protected].

If you want legal raw milk in NJ, here is how you can help make this happen::

  1. Senator Karrow has introduced our bill to the legislature to legalize raw milk sales in NJ.
  2. Spread the word that we have a bill that will make raw milk sales legal again.
  3. Download and sign our petition!
  4. Write or call the 5 Agricutural and Natural Resource Committee members and tell them why you support this bill.     (Fisher, Alban, Amodeo, Conaway, & Karrow).
  5. Call your own legislators (for talking points, click here) and tell them that you want legal raw milk sales in NJ and you want them to support this bill

Remember, letter writing is very powerful- write your legislators, regular mail is best, but phone calls and email are good too!  Your legislators need to hear from YOU!!!

To contact your legislators, log onto:

History of Raw Milk in New Jersey:

Jan. 13, 2009  Freedom to Eat Farm Fresh Foods from Fertile Soil, Organic Raw Milk, Vegetables, Etc.  by J.R. Heckman, Ph.D. 

- New Jersey Annual Vegetable Meeting Proceedings. p. 44-46

April 3, 2008 - Rutgers University's 2008 Seminar Series on Raw Milk

Summaries of Presentations -

  1. Raw Milk, Mother Nature's Inconvenient Truth by Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy
  2. Raw Milk Wars, Government's Attempt to Dictate What Foods We Can Consume, David G. Cox, Attorney at Law, Lane, Alton & Horst LLC
  3. Raw Milk, A Microbiology Primer, Dr. Mark Gebhart, MD, Wright State University
  4. A Risk Assessor Takes a Look at Raw Milk, Dr. Don Schaffner

Jan. 30, 2008

Press & Posts:

June 3 - Raw Milk is a New Trend, Again

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