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He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people,
and eat out their substance
.”  – Declaration of Independence

Farming is difficult enough without being subjected to burdensome regulations, excessive licensing requirements
and fees, inconsistent interpretations of the laws, and heavy-handed enforcement tactics by government agencies.  This space features accounts from around the country of government roadblocks to the small farmer’s ability to make a living.

Fees or Famine
May 1, 2009

A couple of farm families in Idaho sat down and figured out how much they would have to pay in licensing and permit fees in order to keep their farmstand (also known as a Farm Market) in business for the 2009 season.  In order for Steve and Wendy Smith of Spyglass Gardens to continue their Farm Market this year, they would be required to shell out $2319.50

Projected Mandatory Licenses and Required Permits for 2009

In order to conduct on-farm sales in Idaho, Farm Markets must comply with a variety of County, City, District, State and Federal Ordinances.  Each category requires the Farm Market to obtain permits and licensing in order to sell their farm grown products.  The following is a list of projected licensing and permit fees for the year 2009 for Farm Markets within Ada County and the State of Idaho.

Central District Health Department 
Required by the State for all Farm Markets that sell Eggs or supply cut fresh produce or samples to their customers.
Nurseryman’s License—State of Idaho Department of Agriculture        
Required by the state for all Farm Markets that sell more that $500.00 or more in plant starts whether they are grown on site or purchased for resale.  This license is also a requirement for those Farm Markets that grow and resell corms, bulbs, seed potatoes, grapes and fruits.  The Farm Market is also open to inspection of propagating, growing and field plots.
Weights and Measures Permit-mandatory for all weight related sales   $4.50
ADA County Conditional Use Permit for Farm Market
Because most Farm Markets are located in Residential Agriculture Districts within Ada County, these Farm Markets must obtain this permit.
ADA County Temporary Building Permit for Sales Building
This is a requirement of Ada County even though there is no written law requiring this permit.
ADA County Conditional Use Permit for Nursery at Farm Market
Because of zoning in most districts within Ada, a permit is required before a nursery can be a business even though a license has been issued by the state. 
ADA County Temporary Building Permit for Greenhouses   $150.00
This is a requirement of Ada County even though there is no written law requiring this permit.
Sign Permits for Off Premise Signage
per sign $150.00
Required by Farm Markets, must be removed after season is closed and have strict size requirements.  Developers of Business Parks, Realtors, and Subdivision Directional Signs fall into this category; however they are not forced to purchase a permit.
All Permits and Licensing must be paid by April 2009 total $2319.50

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