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What is more important to me is what you and what the FTCLDF and the Weston A. Price Foundation have done to put someone like me in a position of knowledge.  I'm sure you know that you have opened a huge door to the future of agriculture and dairy farming; a future that holds great promise.

For that you deserve unending kudos and gratitude.  I am so happy that there are still people like you out there in this increasingly sick world.  I am trying to do my part, but when I see what you have done I cannot help but think that it is almost too amazing for words.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. - DH, CA

... as the pushback strengthens, FTCLDF gives farmers like me some breathing room.  And that value is incalculable.  EVERY SINGLE farmer who direct markets should be a member of more  - Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms

As a small urban farmer, my husband and I would like to thank you for your work in keeping our freedom to eat and share the good food we produce! - JM 

Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate knowing that you are there to help me and my farmer and all farmers dedicated to providing whole heathy foods. thanks again. - DJ

Keep up the good work because we need the good foods to eat. - EC

Please fight for our freedom to buy raw Milk. - PC

 Please use all the donation for your good work and don't bother to send us any gifts. Thank you! - DD

We are struggling here in SE Minnesota to maintain our rights to farm fresh milk. My provider has passed a recent "special" inspection but is under intense scrutiny. We want to support their efforts and beyond for our rights to fresh farm to table food. Thank you.  - KC

Would that could send more at this time but my circumstances aren't quite there yet. Keep up the marvelous work, Gentlemen. Give 'em "what for". Life in these great United States is getting crazier...! No hyberpole unfortunately. On every level we watching the Natural, Divine and Constitutional Law be shredded a letter at a time! I'll send more as I can, but protect the farmers because in doing that you protect us all---and that means country, culture, and even civilization. God Bless each and all! - VJY

"I've been browsing the site and can't begin to tell you how wonderful this resource is! We are so appreciative!" - Virginia Goat Share Operator

Thank you so much for your help and for all the work you do for farmers.  You've been a big reason for why I feel comfortable becoming one myself.
 - K. W.

I gotta testimonial for ya.
I'm not asking or begging anyone to do anything that is right. I am telling you not to bother me.
Don't bother me!
I will drink what I want. raise what I want. I will use manure when I want.
Don't bother me!  
Is that straight forward enough for ya? Do ya understand my position?  Do we have a dialogue now? - DN

I have just reviewed the latest legal allegations in regards to RAW MILK. The history of our family alone, three generations of farmers from North Dakota, Then my father and mother moving to Boise, Idaho in 1948 desiring a new life. Raised five children from the traditional "farm living"; we drank at least eight gallons of RAW MILK a week (There wasn't BIG GULPS of coca cola back then). My grandparents on both sides of the family lived past the ages of 95 and my parents are in there late eighties. My brothers and sister are in perfect health mentally and physically...And yes we continue to drink RAW MILK.

I might be naive on this subject, but I had no idea that RAW MIILK was in the position of becoming illegal. How did America become so invasive to a "Natural Food" that's been around for centuries? I never have heard of anyone being diagnosed of type two diabetes drinking RAW MILK! Why can't we leave the dairy farmers in peace? I just wonder if the FDA (pharma cartel) lobbyists  in Washington D.C. ever drank RAW MILK, and truly understand the Natural Vitamins and benefits of  Raw milk( it makes a great whipping cream on homemade apple pie).

When will we ever return to the LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS of just being human beings living off the great land of America? Can't we just drink "our "milk with out getting busted...And truly isn't there more important issue for the legal departments? My Grandmother once said" A wise leader has few laws to lead a great nation, but a foolish leader has a thousand laws, but also has a thousand prisons...just a thought.

- GM

To the Honorable Nita M. Lowey

Please consider co-sponsoring H. R. 778 introduced by Congressman Paul. My family and I currently have a friend pick up for us on a weekly basis raw milk in Connecticut. I will use only raw milk as the health benefits are tremendous. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck which restricted movement of my head. After a few short months drinking raw milk I have 100 % flexibility in my neck. Most of my friends are now also converts to raw milk. NY dairy farmers should not be penalized by the State or Federal government and consumers should not be forced to travel sometimes great distances to obtain healthy alternatives for their own consumption.

Thank you in advance, Denis Giannelli

Greetings everyone!

I wanted to share this amazing Raw Milk story we found on YouTube:

It is a wonderful story about a premature baby thriving on our raw milk for formula.


Have a great and healthy day!

Kaleigh Lutz
Mktg Manager

I grew up on a farm where we had 150 Holstein cows. We raised nearly everything we ate. I can remember even going to the pasture and laying under cows and stripping them into my mouth. Of course I got it all over my face too but it was sweet like honey.

There were 4 of us kids and in the 19 years I was at home we only had one case of flue and rarely even had a cold. We went to the barn and got a gallon of raw milk 2-3 times a week and never thought anything about it. ALL DAIRY HERDS HAVE TO BE TESTED for disease and the milk is constantly checked to be sure it is clean so there is not a chance for you to get sick from it. It is scientifically proven that homogenized and pasteurized milk has been nutritionally killed and therefore they add back chemical vitamins.

God put what we need for health in food naturally and the only thing we have done to our food is poison it with chemical, kill it with pasteurization (cooking it), add preservatives to it, then China has learned they can ship us Melamine and make more money off their polluted food chain and we say that is OK if it is within certain ranges - yeah it only causes cancer, and genetically modified plants to get better yields or shelf life and sneaked them onto the shelves at the local grocery. If you want to come close to eating real food you have to stay away from the middle of the store and shop only in the outer ring. The stuff in the middle is dead that is the reason they can put it on the shelf for years and it doesn't go bad.

If you think back over your family, you will see that as each generation comes along critical and "old age" diseases are happening at a younger age. What my great grandparents never heard of, and my grandparents began hearing of, then my parent started experiencing are now happening in preschoolers. In 1928 there was a report given to congress about the condition of our farm lands and it said our food was being raised on seriously nutrient deficient land. The report went on to say chemical fertilizer had been shown to be used the longest on the worst land and that the population needed to take vitamin supplements for their health. That report has still not been acknowledged by the powers that be, especially the medical and chemical companies, so the food industry now adds CHEMICAL nutrients back into the food they are poisoning and polluting with sugar, salt, fat, chemical additives and preservatives. And we wonder why we have a society who's health is rapidly declining into third world conditions??? WE HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL AND EAT RAW FOOD DIRECTLY FROM THE FARMER WHO IS WILLING TO CERTIFY HIS FARM AS ORGANIC AND STIMULANT FREE and uses antibiotics ONLY when it is really needed and no longer. Better yet, raise a garden using only heritage seeds so you can save the seeds and they will come back true. Nice as the hybrids are, they don't come back true.

Become part of a grassroots organization in your area and swap your excess crops with someone who has an excess of what you need, including tree crops. It will save tons of money, stops a lot of trucked food cleaning up the environment, give steady employment to farmers so they can continue to farm and get prices they set NOT the artificially low prices they are paid and the gross overpricing we are charged due to the many layers of processing and profit taking that goes on between the poor farmer and the consumer who is charged an arm and leg when they go to the grocery. We have to take back our life and eating raw is one way we can do it..

Put the power back in the hands of the people and out of the hands of government. Give incentives to people for raising their own food and dealing with local farmers by letting the farmer set the prices. Farmers have been told what they will get paid for what they raise as well as what they will pay for what they need. That is why we have so few farmers, they have been squeezed out by money hungry companies on both sides of the board.

My father was paying hired hands more than we were living on with 6 of us working on the farm to make ends meet and raising most of what we ate. What we earned covered what we couldn't produce and we only got 2 new changes of clothes a year and passes the rest down to the next smaller person. We canned, preserved, dried, pickled, salted and did cold storage of our food and made a lot of our clothes to make what little we had stretch. We didn't know we were poor because we had food on the table, clothes on our backs, and family. We stayed out of trouble because we all worked too hard to have the energy to get into devilment.

Our typical day started at 6 AM and if it wasn't school we had breakfast by 6:30 and in the fields by 7, lunch around noon and dinner was about 7. During school it was the same morning routine except we caught the bus at 7 and did chores when we got home, then lessons before and after supper then off to bed. We didn't see ourselves as abused or taken advantage of like today's indulged kids who think everything is suppose to be handed to them with no effort on their parts - my grandchildren included.  We learned responsibility very young and started doing small chores as young as 2 years old and it didn't hurt us at all. We learned you had to do things you didn't want to but that it was part of life.

For entertainment we played cards, board games, in the creek or barn, tag or made up games like Mother may I. We created our own games and didn't expect our parents to be a chauffer to carry us everywhere. We had precious little trouble with drugs, alcohol, illegitimate children or violence. There was no little league, ballet, sports outside of school hours except Friday night football or basketball games, the occasional movie, no fast food or electronic games or computers to fill our time and keep us occupied with choices of what to do. Too many choices make for expensive and demanding kids who grow up with little or nothing expected of them so they are useless parasites on their parents in their adult lives too.

We respected our parents and discipline was something we knew would happen if we back talked or didn't mind. We weren't abused but we knew what a spanking was because it was done in moderation and not abuse. We lost privileges and earned special events or privileges rather than expecting them. That has changed with the current generation. They think it is OK to foul mouth any and everybody, do nothing and expect everything, they are to be waited on hand and foot, get every whim they have and it has to be the best money can buy, be indulged and the parent is the one who is suppose to explain why and what you were doing and why you didn't jump when they wanted something. They are growing up a useless generation lacking in self discipline expecting life to be handed to them.

Give me the good ole days with raw food, chores and discipline and we would be a lot better off. - N. Nicholson

We wish you God's blessing and thank you for all the hours you have spent on our behalf as farmers. Farmer members from Florida

Thank you for the positive Thanksgiving letter. It's SO good to read something positive when we are fighting such an intense battle! Blessings on your day. A Farmer member from Montana

I wanted to also thank you for the wonderful service when I called last week. I don’t think I can express in words how…comforting it was to have someone, at the ring of the phone, to help us when we were not sure what to do. THANK YOU so much for what you do. WELL worth the cost of membership, I must say.

I have been lactose intolerant for over 10 years, and when I found out that I could drink raw milk with no discomfort it was a revelation. I was amazed to find that milk consumed in it's original, unaltered form is more easily digested, better tasting, and better for the animals and pastureland that produce it.  It's unfortunate that the country's few raw milk producers are so embattled by state and federal regulators, but I am proud to support the Raw Milk Fund to help keep raw milk safe and legal here in California. 

Nadir Jeevanjee

I'm really proud to belong to such a tough and fair organization, and wish you all continued success in the "David & Goliath" fight against the dictators of the food world.  May they fall long and hard. - Member Sue Abbott, PA

I along with my children and other friends are rooting for you and raw milk.- Caroline

"We have done important things now that will only be understood and appreciated by our great grand children." Mark McAfee

Everytime I read an article about NAIS (I like to transpose it as Nasi or Nazi), I get so hopping mad, I have made a vow. My vow is: Every time I read an article about Nasi, or the heavy-handed corporate/government (is there a difference?) nonsense about the “dangers” of raw milk, I am going to send you a donation.  This one is in response to an article in ACRES USA. Thank you for your honesty and good works in this dystopian nightmare known as modern day America. – Concerned Michigan Consumer in a Mandatory NAIS State.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for taking this fight to them.  My state leglislators are deaf and blind to this issue, do not want to even address it.  Hopefully it will be dealt with at the federal level.  God speed.

An inspiration to us all, Ed Deboer, now in his 80s, was drafted by Hitler, and hid in the underground for 3 years. He says what is happening in the United States has a uncomfortably familiar feeling to him. He wants to fight it until his last breath, to leave this land in a better place for his child and grandchildren.  In his own words……

May 14, 2008

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
8116 Arlington Blvd., Ste. 263
Church Falls, VA 22042

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the invitation to your teleconference. I will not be able to participate, but I will continue to strongly support your work. Please find enclosed a check for $5,000. The following is a letter I sent to some members of the media, as well as to Sally Fallon and former governor Mike Huckabee:

I am an environmentalist, but not of the "whacko" variety. My concern is for the environment in which this nation finds itself.

America is in deep trouble. I have listened to you often and I agree with your positions on issues like crime, the economy, education (or lack of it), national security and the importance of God in our lives.

That said, I think we agree that a great nation cannot survive if its people are not committed to the land. Getting to the bottom of things: we have destroyed the very land - the soil created by God — upon which these United States rest.

For over 60 years, farmers have used shortcuts that neglect the soil. Pesticide use has become the order of the day. We spend more money on pesticides than ever, and it is causing great harm to our general health. Consequently, we are now using more Pharmaceuticals than ever, while our health continues to fail. It is projected that by 2016, 20 percent of America's GDP will go toward health care (which is actually illness care).

Chemicals and pesticides destroy the soil, to the point where it cannot possibly produce nutritious food. Thus, poor soil means unhealthy, unproductive people. The longer we continue down this road, the more serious our problems will become.

For 40 years, I have practiced farming and gardening with no commercial pesticides, so no one can tell me it can't be done. I have no bug problems. When the bad bugs enter into my domain and want to partake of my crops, they sign their death warrant, because harmful bugs cannot eat healthy crops.

Healing the soil pays homage to God, otherwise we are bringing curses upon our lot. To quote Cincinnatus, "No nation has ever perished until it has said, "My faith is in men, and he whom I have placed upon the throne which I have built with my own hands is the repository of wisdom and justice. Him I shall obey without question with my heart's great loyalty and devotion. He is my law; I delight in him and bow my head before him.'" More than 2,000 years after Cincinnatus uttered those words, they ring true because Americans have put man and science on the throne, shunning God and His Natural Law.

For freedom to work, we must act free, shun the so-called experts and heed the advice of Judge Louis Brandeis: "The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." What we need to do is start a garden, obey the Natural Law, and pray to the God of Truth. Once we start doing those things, there cannot be any consequences, only blessings, tf we refuse, there cannot be any blessings, only consequences, it's that simple.

We must go back to conscience and simplicity and the natural way of living. If you are totally committed to it, you'll absolutely refuse to follow the advice of science. This is what you should be talking about, because the restoration of our soils is the key to solving all of our other problems. If we're going to heal our nation, we must first heal the soil. There is no other way.


Ed De Boer
2609 Georgia Oak Dr.
Bakersfield, CA 93311-1704


"I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority."
~E.B. White

Cc: The Hon. Mike Huckabee
Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News
Bill O'Reilly, Fox News
Sean Hannity, Fox News
Sally Fallon, Weston A. Price Foundation

“…I am glad the FTCLDF filed an "intent to sue letter" with the USDA and the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture. My husband has a 17-year old granddaughter in FFA and she raises chickens to show at various county as well as the California State Fair. To imagine her tagging her chickens and reporting their movement to this database is ludicrous beyond imagination. I surely hope this madness can be stopped! Thanks for your efforts!” L.W.

I just read that you guys are going to take on NAIS! This is very exciting to us, we want it to be buried in the dustbin of history.

- S.D.

Recently I became aware of your Notice of Intent to Sue which was sent to USDA and MDA and it was the best news that I have heard in a long time.

I want to thank you for doing this and also say that the 25 page Notice was wonderful. It is a good feeling to have someone stand up to Federal and State governments when they are doing illegal practices but think they cannot be stopped. I am a farmer and would like to donate to your organization...I want to help out financially because you guys are my heroes!!

Thank you, S.C.

I just read your excellent letter of intent to sue MDA & USDA.   It is well-written, comprehensive and forceful - it gave me goosebumps.

Admiration, praise and thanks, BM

You have my support $ - and my mind is with you. The USA has turned against the average American. Everything is for the big boys only- as they destroy my country- in every WAY. It is called the devil. 


Bravo to FTCLDF!!!! I thought I might share a letter I wrote a year or so back to some local politicos! You are welcome to use. 
If this passes (NAIS), our small farm will be forced out of existence. We are not a big business but a backyard farm that is raising wholesome kids that are taught responsibility through work and love of animals and struggling day to day to survive. Four of our horses are over 30 years old, with one totally blind and one with only one eye. Few people would ever consider to take in these geriatric animals and we like to feel we are the reason that they live such good and quality lives in their golden years because of our dedication. * 
We are in the middle of yuppie/Gen X America, surrounded by large subdivisions of cookie cutter homes on 1/8 and 1/4 acre lots. Within five miles of our home, there resides over 50,000 people, and growing - the size of a small town in middle America. In the early 80's a gentleman who had the desire to have his pet horses in his backyard developed our 250 acre subdivision (now with approximately 150 homes and no more vacant lots). We have a couple riding trails, all lots are a minimum of one acre and it is a close knit group of family oriented residents. 
When we moved in with toddlers and a lap poodle just over 12 years ago we decided that we wanted nothing to do with horses and an acre was more than enough to mow. Shortly thereafter I decided to leave corporate America in favor of being home when my kids came home from school instead of trying to juggle corporate advancement demands for my time with a family life. Within a couple years I realized how soothing the animals were - we had a few cats join our family by that time. As life turns out, we bought the lot next door, now have horses, goats (milked twice daily), chickens for eggs and a menagerie that ranges from dogs, a peacock, a parrot, a few gerbils and a Golden Greek tortoise! A far cry from our original intentions, but it has been one wonderful experience from showing goats to watching my kids use horseback as a viable means of transportation in the neighborhood to crying over an animal we have lost.! No way could you have told me when we first came here that I would have bawled my eyes out over a chicken who died the day before Christmas Eve that we had enjoyed for 8 years.  

I have way more hooves than I am allowed on my small homestead just shy of three acres, but even Code Enforcement has chosen to turn their heads to my transgressions! They know our barns are spotless, our animals probably some of the healthiest in the state and our dedication monumental. As one official told me, my neighbors were lucky to have me. Every kid in a three block area has learned to ride here, most have been toted to goat shows or other animal events and definitely our barn has been the stepping stone for responsibility for a couple dozen kids. I am Barn Mom not just to the animals but the youth that pass through the aisles with me. I take in the stray kids who need a focus, the local high school sends me extra helpers that need Bright Futures Scholarship hours, even the court system has started sending me volunteers that need community service hours. Our little "piece of heaven" is shared with many and hopefully it has made a difference in the lives of many. Sometimes I just wonder why I don't just chuck it all and then run into one of the kids that starts bragging about how good I was to them and how they spent summers at my barn. It brings tears to my eyes and I get a renewed enthusiasm. Every year I say "no more kids to mentor" and there will be a new one worming their way into my heart. Now I don't think it is my crabby disposition or my tough love that attracts them, but the animals who rope them in, entice them to stay and grow from within. 

If this system comes into place, I just cannot continue. I cannot balance the raising of kids, ag advisor to the local high school, a youth superintendent at the State Fair and working full time with reporting each and every time my kids take a horse for a ride or the mini horse decides to go socializing! What about the hen that flies out of the pen and steps foot on the neighbor's property? They shoo it back and I have no idea it was out! Oh no, I didn't report and subject to a big fine. Even the exotic white peacock that has decided our barnyard is her home would probably fall under some reporting issue because I allow her to remain (does she really give me a choice?). Our goats leave the property two or three times a year to attend shows and just recently they released us from the requirement to secure TB/Brucellosis testing to attend shows. This eliminated $160 a year from our costs. While we are attempting to gravitate to more farm oriented incomes, the milk sales or egg sales help but are actually far from being a living as we forgo family vacations not only due to responsibility to care for the animals but we are not rich people and had to make the choice to have the luxury of a week with Mickey each year or devote our financial resources into raising healthy animals and responsible children.

This isn't for everyone, that I recognize, but those of us who have received the calling for this type of lifestyle, need protection for that continued existence.

I don't want my name revealed, goodness knows, I don't want THEM to know I am here. I want to privately continue my peaceful living. I just hope people realize that the large chicken farms, cattle ranches and big livestock ranches have nothing to lose. They push the paper every day. I need to get chores done, groceries bought, dinner on the table, one kid to martial arts, another to band practice, mow the lawn, repair the fence, help with homework, attend the band booster meeting, and the hopefully make a few dollars along the way to pay the utilities and help pay for the lifestyle we have so enjoyed. Add in a few hours of paperwork for NAIS and you have added the straw that broke the camel's back. I can't compete with big business and I didn't think that was part of the job description. This isn't for tracking down disease, this isn't for the terrorist issue, this is plain and simple government intrusion to our lives. This is for big business! And they want my GPS coordinates too??? Why not let me put a sign on my barn roof "Big Brother, are you watching me now?". 
A farmer
* Note - 5/15/08 There is only one of the horses left at this time - we lost Sunshine in March at 37 years old, Thunder died last November at 34 and Eagle died in November of 2006 at 31. Our remaining geriatric is now 32. We have four equines left in the barn ages 14, 15 and 16. 

You'll be glad to hear we've already ordered and received your new handbook.
My husband keeps commenting what a great book it is while he's reading, and I've just begun. Very good stuff.
Thank you!

Dear friends,

Your work is of great importance to the future of us all whom eat.

With regard to raw milk, are you aware of the Price-Pottenger Foundation study from 3 or 4 decades ago comparing the results of raw vs processed milk fed to cats? If people exposed to those results still prefer processed milk or other foods, let them go eat as they wish, but keep them out of power.

Best of wishes in your efforts, B.W.

We all need to get hooked up with FTCLDF. …. We need to honor legitimate authority; that is, once we re-establish it. You should not let yourself be pushed around. Go on the offensive. FTCLDF will show you how. There will come a time when we do more than just stand up to the Corporate Food Mafia with more than just video cameras, public service questionnaires and phone calls from FTCLDF reps during "official" harassment visits. There will come a time when this sort of harassment almost automatically results in a suit, dismissal and fines and in some cases - jail time. The government belongs to us. Or at least it should belong to us.”

Paul from Virginia

Your organization has been a blessing. - B.L.

It's the best cause I ever gave to. - J.J.

Keep fighting the “good fight”. We appreciate your efforts in Minnesota and across this great country.

Thanks for the great work you are doing. There is some hope for real milk!

March 28, 2008

Just a note to thank you for all your hard work on the raw milk issue. I'm only one lady out here in Marin County, CA tracking this issue and responding to the alerts and calls for action. This issue has ignited the activist in me and set me out on a course of justice seeking I never imagined. I really do appreciate all the hard work you and your organization has done for the raw milk issue.

Darla Jan Holst

March 27, 2008

The agents who targeted Mark McAfee's employees should be in jail. If it's legal to drink coffee and alcohol it should be legal to drink any kind of milk we want. I wish you every success in dealing with this. I can't send any money because I have only a pittance from Social Security that doesn't quite cover my
necessities as it is, but I can pray, and that I will do.

March 24, 2008

I just want to commend you guys for the great job you are doing in California.

We are watching and waiting for our time in Texas.  You will open the door for raw milk all over the country if you legally and logically win this battle.

The rules are so steeped in fear from decades ago that have no scientific basis.  We will continue to support you.

Small Farmer in Texas

March 19, 2008


I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you, Gary and Pete for the quick response, diligent work and support you gave me during the recent Stop Order crisis.  When I joined the FTCLDF I never ever thought I could place a call to your emergency line ON A WEEKEND and in less than thirty seconds there was Pete Kennedy calling me back.  Actually when I joined I never thought I would need to call!

The day the first stage happened, Pete was able to talk me through the immediate situation and I am certain he is part therapist with his calm and assuring approach.   As time progressed Gary Cox entered the
picture.  He was diligent and thoroughly emphasized with the situation.  Pete and Gary worked to resolve the situation and have the Stop Order lifted - and the Dept. of Agriculture admit they had made an error!!!  
And even Cathy, you just called back to check on me and make sure everything was being taken care of which was so professional of this organization.  The money I spent on joining was the best money I have ever spent in a lifetime!

Now that it is all over I can breathe a sigh of relief but I certainly want all of you to know how appreciated you are by me!

You will be seeing my dues yearly as long as I am in the milk business!!!

Thank you,


January 28, 2008

“Thank you for your wonderful organization. We had the great pleasure of watching Gary Cox at work last week at the Meadowsweet Dairy hearing in Albany, New York. 

He was mesmerizing! Our dollars being put to work before our eyes. Thank you!!”

Received from a consumer member and donor

September 17, 2007


Thank you for your help joining the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

I'm really enjoying my membership already.

In addition to being able to study the sample documents, I've had a very rewarding conversation with Pete Kennedy, who was able to offer constructive insights into the options I have going forward.

I look forward to caring for cows on the ground soon, and hope you get your cows when the time is right for you.

Best to you!

Jerome - California

July 31, 2007--We were delighted to see member Bob Hayles' email offering a discount to his consumers to cover the cost of their consumer memberships in the Fund. Bob gave his permission for us to to share his email with you. Maybe it will give others novel ideas for encouraging membership! :) Thanks Mr. Hayles!

In my "War on Consumers" post (post number 31390), I encouraged you folks to join the new Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund ( and now I would like add a little incentive for you folks to do just that.

Consumer membership is $50.00 annually, and I will pay your membership if you are a customer of mine. Here is how it works...

Some of my customers spend as much as $50.00 a week on our products, and everyone gets at least a gallon of milk a week at $10.00 a gallon. For Thornberry Village's customers who join I will give a 10% discount.

That means that those of you who get even one gallon of milk a week, and spend $10.00 a week, or $520.00 a year for that one gallon, will save $52.00 a year, or two dollars more than the cost of your consumer membership in the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Now joining is not only's free. Go to and join in helping assure our rights to purchase nutrient-dense foods...and our right to make our own decisions as to what we choose to eat and drink for our own nutrition.


Bob Hayles
Thornberry Village Homestead
Jasper, GA

July 21, 2007

Dear Cathy,

I, and my family, wanted to thank you and all those who brought so many of us together for the 4th of July Picnic. We had such a marvelous time.

We also added much to our learning about the plight of our farmers and our rights as consumers. My family is fairly new to the raw milk way of eating, and unaware of the current legal problems. So, for us (as was as for all who attended I'm sure), this event was very profitable and successful.

We will be looking forward to July 4th, 2008!!!

C. Fleetwood and Family

June 24, 2007

I recently learned about the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund through my involvement with the Weston A. Price Foundation in the State of Indiana.

I thought that I would send this brief letter of introduction to let you know how much I support the work you are doing. I am an attorney in the State of Indiana, and I have been looking for ways to support the local foods movement (and particularly the raw milk movement) for some time. I have also felt for a long time that one of the most important issues facing the WAPF and its promotion of whole-foods nutrition is the illegality of direct farm-to-consumer sales.

The prevention of such sales is the most effective method used by the processed food industry to maintain it's monopoly on our lives and our health. In my home state, I have worked with one small dairy already that has faced successive lawsuits attempting to shut down its consumer sales and farmer's markets, so I know how these tactics can nearly ruin such a small and fragile operation.

I am not sure whether the fund will be national in scope or just located in Pennsylvania for the time being, but I will say that I am very interested in expanding this working model to my home state.

Warm regards, Nicholas J. Schroeder, Esq.

Dear Pete Kennedy,

Thank you for all the work you do on our behalf. You are truly one of the unsung hero's in the raw dairy movement. Consumers and producers a like have much to be grateful for thanks to your efforts.

I am fairly ignorant about how the legislative process works and I am thankful for you carrying our voice into the halls of government and the courts. Each state is different and somehow you are able to keep up with these differences in each state that you help farmers and consumers. I truly appreciate your efforts.

Blessing on your day, Brian Wickert